Celtic New Year LUNAR SAMHAIN 07 - 08
This year the Dark Moon of Samhain was a cold hard night on the 28th of October. It was a Tuesday and as such many who would like to join us were unable to because of work and other commitments. Three of us met at Tobar Tlachtga and we were about half an hour late. We were joined by two people from Galway who had asked to film our activities but I had said no, but they still joined us under invitation even though they were without any equipment. These two carried their own special ways � they found a dog that had been missing and they found the owners as well � the happy owner when reunited with the lost dog repeatedly said �you must have some magic�. Smiles all around � perhaps my robe and staff influenced his comment, but his comment was directed at the two from Galway.

We made our way to the well of the Earth Goddess, Tobar Tlachtga, and saw that the farmer had not filled it in nor repaired the fencing, that it was overgrown with nettles and that the water level was low. This low water level is confusing because the well lies in a long valley and was designed as an immersion well (with steps down into the water) and it has been such a wet year. We have not cleaned this well since 06 and it is possible that it has silted up. We sprinkled water over the water in the well to add life essence to it � a simple water ceremony before triple fire ceremonies.

On to the Hill of Ward / Bard � Cnoc Tlachtga we went. As the sun set, two Drui Fasach created a new fire spirit and gave it to the sacred fire box we use. It nearly went out three times but with gentle blowing and eventually the involvement of the wind � our fire spirit began to dance. It got very cold, toes were the worst but overall it was quite cold. We held our ceremony with five of us and we said goodbye to the old year and welcomed in the Celtic new-year. Then we took a flame from the firebox and lit our candle and lantern to take this new spirit to Tara.

On Tara we had some soup and bread to revive and refresh us. One of the Galway crew was feeling the cold in the lower back as a reaction to a recent car crash. They braved the weather and stayed with us on Tara for our second fire. It too was slow to light, even with the exposure to wind on high ground. The wind kept changing but eventually the spirit stood up and danced wildly for us. Now we held a second ceremony for the Dark Moon. Then we waited for the fire to burn out and the ashes to cool before moving on. It was not as cold on Tara (even though Tara is more exposed) as it was on Tlachtga but we still stopped for coffee in Navan on our way to the third sacred site of the evening. Our two from Galway now left us for the comfort of their hotel and hot whiskeys but we three kept on going.

Sliabh na Callighe or �the hills of the veiled ones� was our third sacred site of the evening. We got there in time to see the night sky without any light pollution or clouds. We were kinda surprised to see several cars in the car park but we reckoned that this may just be another group � astronomers or even path workers. We had brought the Light to Sliabh na Callighe once again. It was now warmer than on Tlachtga at sunset but our sheltered spot had little or no wind. We tidied up, had a group hug and took our candle and lantern to our homes. Once again, we had enjoyed a highly powerful symbolic start to the Celtic New Year.
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