Drui Fasach Initiation Samhain 2008
At a gathering at our new Druidschool home in Ros Comain on Saturday evening 25th of October 2008 we had a closed Ceremony of Initiation for three special people to the level of �Drui Fasach� (Druid of Knowledge). The invitation to this free ceremony is at my discretion and discussions with all three participants and an outline plan showing the intention was started many Moons ago. This is the first of such Initiations for Druidschool and marks an important stage for all concerned. The important thing for you, the reader, to be aware of regarding this or any Initiation is that no one can make people into Dru�. Each aspirant must do his / her own work, face their own individual challenges and secure their own connection to the Source. An Initiation comes only at an advanced stage of such a process that we identify as Spiritual Alchemy. Each had done their own personal spiritual growth to the point of (as I say with a smile) �there is no going back for you now; you�ve come too far into the Light�.

Our Ceremony of Initiation was based on a deeper interpretation and integration of the core intention of all our Sun Ceremonies. In our online Homestudy Course, most of this ceremony is given in Step 11 but all Drui Daltai (Student Druids) must attend Druidschool for the actual Ceremony of Initiation to be seen as Drui Fasach. All three have attended many, many Full Moon Rituals on Tara and all of the Ceremonies for the Eightfolds of the Sun Cycle as well as many ceremonies here in Druidschool, Castlerea, Co Ros Comain. All our Sun Ceremonies are as Gaeilge and some of the words used are �old Irish� (predating any religious spin). The linkages and meaning / intention of each part of our Sun Ceremonies were revealed and became more complete as the ceremony progressed. There is, as expected - a test during the Initiation Ceremony to prove to yourself that you actually hold the connection to the higher self and to Source and I am happy to share here that all three passed this test with grace and clarity. Following this Ceremony of Initiation they now all hold the knowledge (Drui Fasach means Druid of Knowledge) of the connections between na Tri Coire (Three Cauldrons) and na Tri Riochtai (Three Realms) as a new and unique part of their own connection to Source of Light. I gave each a gift (that I had personally handmade) of a soft leather bag stitched with waxed linen thread as a �Les an Drui Fasach� (the magic bag of the druid) into which actual expressions of the focus of the ceremony were placed and these are now kept as a unique personal reminder of the Initiation itself.

These three Drui Fasach are Celtic Druid members of An Doire Gealach Doracha (the Dark Moon Grove of Druidschool). They are now also members of Ord na Drui Gaelach (the Order of Gaelic Druids) which is recognized and honored by the World Druid Order with full membership. Each of the three Drui Fasach now has the option to act as a Mentor to �seekers� of Sli an Drui (the Path of the Druid) and to Drui Daltai (Student Druids). It is their choice as to who they may support on a one to one basis but the idea is that seekers may make contact and gain advice and guidance free of charge in a private and confidential manner. The best way for you to meet these Drui Fasach is to join us at Tara at 8pm on the night of the Full Moon as we stand together in ritual ceremony and from Beltine 09 you can also meet them during our Sli an Drui weekend workshops.

Suppose you plan to be with us at a Full Moon gathering on Tara or maybe you intend to join us on a Sli na Drui weekend workshop and you are wondering how will you find out who the three Drui Fasach are? Or what special questions should you ask them? Or which one should you ask first? Maybe you can see questions such as these as your first tests � tests you give your self to see if you have enough understanding to find Sli an Drui (Path of the Druid). If you can find Sli an Drui, can you walk it? Can you stay on the path? Can you gain enough understanding of your path to totally transform yourself through the process of spiritual alchemy so that someday someone will say to you - �there is no going back for you; you�ve come too far into the Light�? First, find understanding of the Light within - it is called Love, Happiness and Understanding and then go looking for the Source and then as you go about this �spiritual alchemy of self transformation� realise that you are on the Sli an Drui. Then you�ll know what questions actually need answering and then maybe you will realise that you have actually taken another step � that is how it is done, one step at a time�
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