Celtic Druid's Weekend Workshop Calendar 09
Here we provide the opportunity for deep connection to Source in a supported group space. The personal connection to the Three Realms and the Three Cauldrons is what holds the Celtic Druid to the Path and this is supported by the traditional Gaelic Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest and Subtle Energy Fieldwork on our weekends and access to the private Drui Dalta (student druid) website. More info under Druid Courses.

Sli an Drui weekend workshop dates for 09.
Friday 1 May to Sunday 3 May 09, Beltine weekend
Friday 3 July to Sunday 5 July 09, Summer 09 weekend
Friday 31 July to Sunday 2 August 09, Lughnasa weekend
Friday 30 October to Sunday 1 November 09, Samhain weekend

Ireland�s Druidschool, west of the Shannon, near Castlerea in Co Ros Comain, Ireland.

Times; arrive and depart
You will arrive before 7pm on Friday evening, leaving about 6 pm Sunday evening.

The fee for each weekend workshop is Euro 140 or all three for Euro 400.

The full Fee must be paid in full when booking to secure your place � see side menu.

Basic hostel style � all food provided, bunk beds. Nearby B+B @ Euro 40/night

Group size
Each of these weekends is limited to 6 participants and the tutor.

Sun Ceremony
All participants will be aware that these weekend workshops below are also open to Drui Fasach, Drui Daltai, friends and those with personal invitations to join us for Sun Ceremony at noon (who may join us at 11 and leave by 1 and we will then go back to our planned workshop activities) � as always; there is no charge to join us in ceremony.

Sli an Drui means the Path of the Druid,
Ard Drui means Arch Druid,
Drui Fasach means Druid of Knowledge and
Drui Daltai means Student Druid.
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