Druids and Pagans saving Tara
There is an ongoing attempt by a �quasi-legal� person to deny a role for Druids and Pagans in the Tara Campaign. This attempt demonizes Druids and Pagans in the tradition of the Church of Rome with lies, slander, defamation and outrageous religious intolerance. This has been displayed on various forums over many years and by private email and the promoter of this ongoing attempt tries to get support because he claims that any involvement of Druids and Pagans creates important legal and strategic questions in terms of saving Tara. Many of these attacks are on me.

As an Ard Drui (Arch Druid) on a spiritual path I have a strong connection to our indigenous cultural and spiritual tradition as embedded in Tara. With the Drui Fasach of the Dark Moon Grove I hold free and open ceremonies on Tara at the Full Moon - we have done this since the Dark Moon of Samhain 2003. For us there is no problem that 99.99% of the native population do not subscribe to our beliefs or practices or partake in our �Ritual of Protection�. As Pagan Druids in Catholic Ireland we are a religious / spiritual minority - there are only a few of us that are willing to hold ceremony in public - mostly because of personal attacks, job security reasons and character assassination in online forums. We do not claim that Tara should be saved especially for just for us - on the contrary we hope that Tara is saved for everyone and for ever.

Being members of the World Druid Order we avoid politics because we are not trained for it. Personally I reckon that �politics� is blatantly corrupted by most of its practitioners - but the people vote for their politicians even with this knowledge and this has nothing to do with the Path of the Druid. I avoid �legal� actions as well because I reckon we have inherited a legal system from an imperial neighbor that is based only on provable fact and not the truth of intention. We do not seek to exclude the majority from our activities - they exclude them selves for their own reasons. We do not dictate legal or political campaign strategies to anyone. I often express my personal opinion on legal and political events - I believe that if there was any truth in the hearts of our legal and or political leaders we would not have any situation such as at Tara right now (March 09).

The right to religious and spiritual freedom is enshrined in our constitution as Article 44. This is for all people - not just Druids and Pagans. We must thank Eamon DeVelera for creating and defending this constitutional freedom from the takeover bid of Ireland by the catholic church under archbishop McQuaid. The catholic fundamentalist McQuaid tried to make Ireland into a Catholic State with all non-catholics classed as lower status citizens (ie with less human rights). The book on �John Charles Mcquaid Ruler Of Catholic Ireland� carries the following promotional blurb -

�The book examines his years as Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland, and his subsequent amassing of religious, political and social power which he exercised with unscrupulous severity. So much so that he was effectively the co-author with De Valera of the Irish constitution. The text also tells of his admiration for J. Edgar Hoover, and how he built up a vigilante system that spied on politicians, workers and students, doctors and lawyers, nuns and nurses, soldiers and trade unionists. This power was used to build up a Catholic-dominated state in which Protestants, Jews and feminists were not welcome.�

source http://www.abebooks.co.uk/products/Cooney-John/John-Charles-McQuaid-Ruler-of-Catholic-Ireland/9780862785949

I see this as fundamental fascism and such tactics are still quite common today. There is a fundamental clash between the agenda of the Church of Rome and the Constitution of Ireland allowing full religious and spiritual freedom to the citizens of Ireland and the church still tries to have its own way regardless. As Drui we claim that Tara is special to us and to all Irish people, past, present and future. No Pagan, Drui or Druid that I know of requires or requests that any media image organization be actively engaged in asserting their rights. I do not believe that any quasi legal media image organization has even the slightest chance or intention of saving Tara. Nor do I believe that any such grouping has any mandate for protecting the human rights of the religious minorities to enjoy Tara or any other aspect of freedom of expression. Quite the contrary - they seek the opposite - the limiting of rights.

But when a quasi legal media image organization tries to impose their control on free expression by attacking non aligned activities with low gutter press tactics designed to divide, confuse and separate the Campaign to Save Tara - you the reader must wonder why? The enemy to Tara is not Pagan or Druidic - it is the poison tongue of the quasi legal media image organization that seeks to perpetuate their engineered division in the Tara campaign.

Pagans and Druids want Tara saved from the lies of the politicians, the judges and the champion of the quasi legal media image organization. Ask yourself - How will I recognize an Agent Provocateur for the New World Order whose mission is to help Opus Dei destroy the Pagan Goddess living expression of the Gabhra Stream in the sacred valley of the Royal City of Tara?

You will know who he is if you watch out for him cause he claims he is watching out for you!
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