Druidschool Restoration of 1800's cow barn into Teampall na Tri Coiri
This report is updated regularly. The first section is from August 09 and the second section following is from Sept 09, the third section is from Dec 2010, 4th section Lughnasa 2011 - scroll down to see the progress.
Written and posted Lughnasa 09

At Imbolg 2005 we paid our deposit on a dwelling and 16 acres near
Castlerea Co Ros Comain Eire. The image above is of the old cow barn - 5 or 6
bays for mother cow and calf - built early 1800's according to local architect
involved in heritage restoration in the county. Everyone told us to pull it
down... We had other plans. Above view is from the east.
Above shows the cow barn Aug 09 from the NW. Re-pointing of the joints between the rocks binds the structure together again.
In the image above we are looking to the NW - note bog oak in wall and re-pointing in lower right (east)
Photo above (Aug 09) shows the north wall beginning to fall away - but re-pointing with sand and cement and bonding agent holds it all together.
The bog oak lintel in the north gable still works after 200 years - I am carefully fixing each rock in the walls to secure the standing structure as it is for ever. Slow and careful work - so far I am doing most of this myself.
Seen from the SE the old shed looks badly broken - but the knowledge and craft skills of the stonemason over 200 years ago is still good. Many locals say that "they built their barns better than their houses". (early 08 maybe)
An attempt at an ARTY shot - from the NW - amazing light geometries - not
photoshopped just shared with you.

Ireland's Druidschool has many hopes and plans but a physical
expression of who we are and what we do is about to be built (restored) in
stone. Turning an old cow barn (manger) into a temple for the three cauldrons
is an attempt to ground or earth the correspondences of the Celtic Gael into
this time frame. As I do this work I see the structure almost fallen over but
with potential to be held together and re built and made good again - this for
me means the building and the path. The OD is 13ft by 18ft and the walls are
nearly 18 inches thick. A loft (sleeping?) will not be re-fitted and a door to the east will have glass. The N window will be restored with a stained glass image. The
wall inside will be plastered by hand with hemp lime putty (same as our main
building) and the floors will also be made from hemp / lime mix. No electricity - just candles - and a cast iron stove in the SW corner. A perspex lean too on the east and west sides will keep direct rain away and add extra usable space to the temple.

A Temple Donation?

We seek donations from well wishers to assist us with this rebuild.
Our thanks go to those who have already sent cash donation without being asked
- and to those of you who are now asked that do send us support. About
Euro4000 is estimated for the final total cost (excluding any fee for my
efforts) - this will re-roof, hemp the walls and floors, set up the inside...
and attach a lean to on both the east and west sides. When finished we intend
to use this building as a temple to the three cauldrons.

Teampall na Tr� Coir�.

This is the core reference for the Celtic / Gaelic Druid - the three
Realms are mirrored in the body as the Three Cauldrons and we will establish a
sanctuary for this this in our temple. Not to be confused as a Pagan Church of Ireland - this building is to be the Teampall na Tr� Coir� leis Sli an Dru� (the temple of the three cauldrons for the path of the celtic druid)

It is hoped that you can support us with a Temple Donation and maybe even bring a stone from your home place to add to the Teampall as part of any visit to us at Ireland's Druidschool.

Make a donation to support this project - please click here
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Sept 09 report.

Sept 09 report.

Help was needed and it appeared - two German Ladies and one Dublin Man helped to remove another layer of rubbish and broken things, worn out wellies and holed shoes and finally the actual earth/compost to find the crude flagstones underneath.
My thanks go to Jenny, Maria and Tom for their support and hard work cleaning out the assorted rubbish and bagging it all. Jenny and Maria also did great work cleaning ditches and drains and planting shrubs and were a great help allover.

Two tons of sand and cement have gone into this restoration work so far - I will order two more tons before October 09 as this is my guess to materials needed. I have done all the rebuild work myself - stripping down, brushing clean, mixing mortar, tending the stone mason (me) and laying stone on stone to recreate the structure for its new role. I now jealously guard the rebuild work as I want to do it all my self. It feels great to do this work. Half the east wall is now finished but not shown in the images above.

Samhain 2009 images below.
While this restoration work is going on we offer our Hemp Hall for indoor Celtic Wedding and Handfasting Vows at Ireland's Druidschool. More info on the Hemp Hall here We will eventually have three private facilities for group ceremony - The Hemp Hall, An Torc and Teampall na Tri Coiri along with our Medieval Rath and Teach Allais (Sweat House) All donations to assist this work are much appreciated.
We want to publicly acknowledge a generous donation of E200 for this project. This gift came from two of our Facebook friends, many thanks, Con, Imbolg 2010
Update Dec 2010

Update Dec 2010

New flooring substrate has been added to the inside and outside of the temple. This secures the space for the new outer room and the walls to carry the roof. Plastic sheeting was laid first as a damp proof layer and then the concrete was laid - thanks to Noel and Liam.
The plan for 2010 was to have even a temp roof over the stonework - but the turbine fire and its associated costs diverted time and money away to more urgent needs. The subfloors are now secure having been laid at the same time as the foundations for the turbine switch gear and diesel back up generator shed. Some of the work for our Dru� Dalta� on our Study and Live weeks during 2011 will be harvesting building stone... pick, clean, move and stack near to the intended temple outer wall. We will get a temp roof on this structure in 2011 - it may go through a transition from cattle shed (byre, manger) to a turf (cleansing and absorptive) shed before it becomes a temple to the three cauldrons - Teampaill na Tr� Coir�
Spring Equinox 2011.
More work was done on the Temple during a Study and Live week 16 to 22 March. Tidying up can take much effort and time but its only when things get organised / added that such progress makes good pictures. In the picture below you can see the stone foundations for the lean-to roof for the workshop. The big stainless steel milk churn is to be used as a rain water harvesting and storage vessel - catching the rain from the roof of the workshop and from the temple. The rough cut stones in front of the temple will become the walls for the outer rooms. Large double glazed windows salvaged from the skip by friends are safely stored behind the workshop (not visible in the photo). The barely visible upturned orange plastic pipe and the water supply pipe will allow a toilet / wash hand basin to be attached to the outer room of the temple and a cold water sink unit will also get fitted. Later this year I'll get a mini digger for a few days and open up the lane to the Rath. It needs drainage and stones and planting with herbs and flowers...
Lughnasa 2011

Lughnasa 2011

After our 4th Lughnasa Games we had two of our guests stay for an extra few days as volunteers. We got to work adding the timber frame to the old barn. The days were long and we worked as a team prefabricating and fitting timber sections to the walls. Rafter joined these wall sections to the ridge beam or as we call it Droim Cl� (in Irish). This Droim Cl� was oversized on purpose. The Droim Cl� is also thought of as the strength of the leader, the backbone or chief of the clan and so on. We used 16foot of 9x2 as this is the newest Pagan Temple it needs a strong back... enjoy the photo's, I hope to clad the walls and add the roof during the next few weeks.
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