Full Moon 31 Dec 09 Tara
The adverse weather conditions all over Ireland forced many people to change their plans and to modify many aspects of their lives. For us this 'cold snap' as the radio happily refers to it, caused us to extend the stay over for our students (free of charge) who attended the Sli an Drui weekend just before the Winter Sun Standing and 10 days later the bad weather prevented us from going to Tara for the Full Moon ceremony. This is the first time since the Spring Equinox of 2003 that Niamh and I could not get to Tara. Other members of an Doire Geallach Doracha or our Dark Moon Grove could not make it either!

This cold weather is quite intense, we have been prevented from attending at Rathkineely for the sun rise on the morning of the 21st Dec, prevented from our noon ceremony at Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) also on the 21st Dec 09 and prevented from getting to Tara for the Full Moon ceremony on the 31st of Dec 09.

We held ceremony at home for the partial eclipse of the Full Moon and only one of our Grove made it to Tara. His report follows -

Hi Con,

I arrived on Tara at around 7.10pm. I made my way to the Gravel path for 7.20pm. The hill was nearly deserted except for myself and three other people standing on the mound of the hostage observing the partial eclipse of the moon. The clouds had being covering the moon as I walked up the hill, but just before I started the Cross of Light the clouds cleared revealing the partial eclipse. When I had completed Blessing to the 3 Realms at 7.22pm, I looked up to find that clouds had once again covered the moon.

I took some time on the hill, visiting the fairy tree, Rath Grainne, then up the Banqueting Hall and back to the gravel path. As I walked around the hill I felt that the energy was very heavy and maybe even a bit dark in places.

Back on the Gravel path at around 8.15pm, I prepared myself for the Full Moon Ceremony. The clouds had cleared and the moon was again out in all her glory. I held short ceremony; I could feel a connection with other Drui around the world holding ceremony. I visualized the blanket of darkness being thrown off Tara and the light being revealed. I felt a strong light radiating out and the whole energy on the hill light-en. There seemed to be joy in the air.

I headed home feeling at peace and balanced.

Gra agus Solas


Thank you RedJohn Drui Fasach
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