Legal Pagan Handfasting in Ireland
The Pagan scene in Ireland owes a big thank you to Ray Sweeney for the champion work he has done with getting Pagan Weddings recognized by the state. We met with Ray at the recent launch of Brigid's Fire, a new Pagan quarterly magazine in Ennis last week and in his own special way Ray shared the story. It took 5 years and multiple phone calls and stubborn strength but in the end they gave in and granted him the status of Solemnizer.

With effect from 15th December 2009,the National Coordinator of Pagan Federation Ireland, Mr Ray Sweeney, has been registered on the Register of Solemnizers, under the terms of Section 53(3) of the Civil Registration Act 2004.

Consequently, it is now possible to be legally married in a Pagan ceremony in Ireland.
If you wish to be legally married in a Pagan ceremony, please contact to discuss the necessary requirements.

Our thanks and respect go to Ray Sweeney, well done Ray.
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