Walking in my 'Heart-space'
Walking in my 'Heart-space'

Walking in my 'Heart-space'

The 'Tiger' year awakens-Bright & Breezey
Gently pads its way through the frost
Cracking, crunching Ice.
Steel-grey path- Cold, Stabbing wind.
Darkness of whispering Trees
Shivering in the shade
Snatches of Sun- Strobelight flashes.
Turning a corner- Nausiating Dumped Rubbish,
Quickening- Sickening- Slipping on the path
Crushing- Squashing the Heart & Head
Without warning....
A Blast of Brightness
Blinding- Suns rays shine down
The road a Brilliant Light
So sudden....
Transforming the moment
Releasing the Pain
Opening up the Heart again.
Turning around from the glare
Shadow-self follows behind- Crisp, Clear
Spinning back around
Reflected-self Shines in the melted water
Flows along the Golden, Shining Way.
Close Eyes- Breathe in this magic
Glowing in the Radiance of this Transformation
Connecting to the 'All'
Feeling Complete- Walking the right path.
The sound of horses, break the silence
Moving closer
Pausing, breathing
Moving closer
Open Eyes & turn to look left
Streaks of cloud in the bluest of Skies
Twisted Unicorn Horns, perch on heads of five Horses.
The veil lifts, briefly, a glimpse into another world
Both Clear & Transparent
Magic-Moment imprints itself on Heart & Head.
Back to the Path with Pure Joy, Love & Light
Walking in the Glory of the Unconditional Love, Grace & Beauty of the Day.

Denise Drui Fasach 14th Feb 2010
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