The Hemp Hall at Ireland's Druidschool
At Ireland's Druidschool in the west of Ireland we have created a Hemp Hall. This Hall is inside the 200+yr old stone and mud cottage. The walls are 2ft thick and are made of stone from the fields held together with mud from the same fields. The inside of the refurbished old building has been plastered with two or more inches of Hemp and Lime putty. This gives noticeable effects - primarily as a wall insulation but also this unique mix helps the old stone walls to breathe out moisture but it also gives the room a nice calm mellow quietness.
In the image above you can see the White Mare Goddess as she crosses the River Boyne at the Fullness of the Moon. This wonderful image was a gift to us by one of our Drui Daltai called Math. It is a very evocative illustration of the Dreaming turned into a stills visual. Behind and to the left you can see the Hemp walls and the molded art work I created over the deep window frame.
Above is a triple spiral tube containing high energy water from a holy well in the Strawberry Beds near Lucan in Co Dublin. It is the correct way up to represent the actual tri spiral inside the end chamber at Newgrange (Bru na Boinne). It is one piece of tubing. I have seen this sacred geometry presented at 90* out of its correct place so many times that I am delighted when I do see it the right way up! Inside the copper tube tri spiral is a hand made 3 leg Brigit's Cross - made by Drui Fasach Denise.
The wooden artwork shown above is a gift by Helen Drui Dalta. She gave this special piece of wooden craft work to us to acknowledge the lifting of the Curse on Tara. Please see Druidschool�s Youtube for videos of that event. A special gift from a special Lady living on Achill Island off the west coast of Ireland.
Above is our little wooden pet snake called Patrick. He is stuck in a single pose for ever as he has reached the top of the stick. The stick was harvested by me many years ago on a job in Sandyford when I saved it from the so common clean up of the builders as their tidy up fire consumed everything. It is a single branch that becomes two and then three branches. He doesn't say much or do much but he can cause people to smile....
The Triban Druid Symbol shown above has had many different meanings attached to it over the last 20 years. For us it is simply the three paths, the left hand, middle and right hand paths. We walk the middle path as Celtic Drui, we are aware of the extremes of the right and left options but choose to stay on a path that brings us inner peace. I personally made this shape using Hemp Lime mix on our walls of Hemp Lime. It sits above a doorway as if to remind us about choices each time we go through a gate way / door way etc. All paths eventually go to the Source but we reckon that the middle path has the least baggage...
The treasures of the Tuatha De Dannan shown above are made with 15th century replicas. The two handed sword (claymore aka claoimh mor) is an amazing weapon - a real symbol of status - it recalls the Sword of Nuada. The 6ft long spear has a highly engraved spear head as used by nobility in the high middle ages - it represents the the Spear of Lugh of the Long Hand. The stone is taken from our own land and is a sedimentary quartz sandstone which tells us a story cause we are at 500 ft above sea level but it was formed on a beach a long time ago - it is our stone of Fal. The great cauldron was bought locally and is a 10 gallon single piece cauldron with a lid that was used in this area until recently. This cauldron is sacred to Dagda. We found a broken version of this cauldron less than 30 ft from the house covered in mud and leaves, it had obviously been used by the last owners of our cottage.

These are some of the items in our Hemp Hall where we hold Celtic Wedding and Handfasting Vows , Renewal of Vows, Special Ceremonies and Baby Namings as well as hosting our Sl� an Dru� workshops, intro days, study and live weeks etc.
In the above image of our purpose built circular enclosure - An Torc, you have a view of our main outdoor location for ceremony. We offer the Hemp Hall as a second and back up option for inclement weather. We are also in the process of restoring an old cow barn into a Pagan Temple. You can find more info and see more images of our Ceremonial Enclosure that we call the Torc and our Teampall na Tri Coiri here

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