Celtic Pagan Oath
Respecting Nature as Supreme Being -
We honour the idea of Gods and Goddesses as the Source of all Creation.
We celebrate the Gaelic Pagan Festivals on the cycles of the Sun and Moon.
We acknowledge the inherent lifeforce in all things.

Declare that you are a Celtic Pagan by taking the above Oath. You may take the Celtic Pagan Oath above in private or you may declare in public that you are on a Celtic Pagan Path at our Full Moon ceremonies on Tara in Co Meath and / or at Temple Crom in Co Roscommon. Taking this Oath in public releases you from coerced membership of foreign imperial traditions forced on you before you came of age to choose for yourself.

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Membership Declaration

Membership Declaration

** I take full responsibility for my own safety at all times and I acknowledge that the Celtic Druid Temple and Ireland's Druidschool or its agents/facilitators/servants are not responsible for any personal injury or loss or damage and also that this does not affect my statutory rights. I am fit for exercise such as hill walking and exploring sites and monuments; I have no disability or illness. I am aware that Druidschool courses, classes, workshops etc are experimental and can be hazardous with hidden dangers.

I have read this Declaration as a preliminary to seeking membership on a Druidschool activity. I agree to be bound by the rules and guidelines as presented to me by a teacher / facilitator. I will obey all safety instructions and emergency procedures as may be outlined to me. I acknowledge that any personal items that may be lost or left behind by me at any Druidschool activity are not recoverable from Druidschool or its service providers. I also acknowledge that it is only myself that is responsible for my health, safety and personal growth**

When attending for the first time - please read, understand and agree with the above declaration. Druidschool reserves the right to refuse admission and to expel dangerous fools if all other advice fails.
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Updated Oct 2015
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