Full Moon Ceremonies 2016
We host public Full Moon and Solar Ceremonies at Tara in Co Meath and here at Temple Crom in Co Roscommon, all these celebrations are accompanied by a an opportunity to chat. These ceremonies are open and free to all. This is an opportunity for those who may have interest in our Spiritual Tradition, Sl� an Dru�, to be with us and experience the Celtic Path.
The Full Moon ceremonies on Tara and here at Temple Crom begin at 8pm in the evening. At Tara we are on the gravel patch at the high end of the so called Banqueting Hall. For details of where Druidschool / Celtic Druid Temple is and how to get here click here
We work in circle around a sacred fire as we connect to the indigenous spiritual tradition of this ancient land. This is Spiritual Alchemy that lets you access deep genetic memories bringing them alive again in this time-space.
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Sl� an Dru� is the Path of the Celtic Lightworker and represents Ireland�s oldest magical practice for healing the self and our connection to the land restoring our sacred role of spiritual caretaker. This is the way of harmony with nature, society and all conscious beings. To walk in this world, as a fully awake and balanced human is an incredible adventure that creates greater spiritual, mental and physical health � allowing us to live with knowledge, wisdom and compassion.
No previous formal Druid training or experience is necessary to attend courses with us. We are open to everyone (over 18) who has the Lightworker Vocation and to all seekers of the traditional Path of the Celtic Druid � Sl� an Dru�.
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