Lecture notes for Eigse Spiriod Ceilteach Aug 14 2010

Beanachta� na Deithe oraibh. Conchubhair O�Conchubhair is ainm dom, Ard Drui le an Doire Geallach Doracha agus Priomh Muinteoir leis Scoil na Dru� Eireanach. T� athas orm a beith anseo inn� chun caint leibh faoi Eigse Spiriod Ceilteach. I want to thank Luke for inviting me to talk here today and for setting up this celebration of Celtic Spirituality. In this talk I am going to focus on concepts that I reckon can help to Nurture Pagan Spirituality in Ireland today. It is vitally important to recognise the still extant abundance of our ancient pre-catholic heritage and culture in this unique little country of ours. At the same time, we must in all honesty, also acknowledge the concerted efforts of the church of fear for 1500 years and our NWO aligned politicians since the 1960�s to denigrate and dissolve our indigenous culture and traditions. I�m a member of Ord na Drui, the Order of Druids in Ireland and the Order declares an intention to preserve, protect and nurture our unique Gaelic Culture and Celtic Heritage - our native language, music, song and dance, traditional story telling, trades, crafts and skills, and to nurture interest in and respect for trees and animals in the natural world by our active involvement; this is Pagan Spirituality. The Source of all is seen and felt as the expression of the Gods and Goddess giving us the balance of opposites resulting in creation and growth. Supporting these concepts protects them but expressing them nurtures them and helps to make Celtic Spirituality a living consciousness again. There is more information about and on joining Ord na Drui on the Druidschool website.

Definitions may help to explain why I think the way I do..

Eigse Spiriod Ceilteach � This means a Celebration of Celtic Spirituality. This celebration may include many different people with different practices, but as it is a Celtic Celebration - it is definitely not a celebration of Wiccan or Masonic or Catholic or Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or Ba�Hai or any of the modern practices from the historic period who all have their own distinct calendars.
In the year 2000... it was also -
1997 Christian
2753 Roman
2749 Babylonian
6236 1st Egyptian
5760 Jewish
1420 Muslim
1378 Persian
1716 Coptic
2544 Buddhist
5119 Mayan
208 France
Dragon China
53 Wiccan

Celtic is the old way of living before any of the above-mentioned religions were even invented. Don�t get me wrong, I�m friends with many senior Wicca practitioners having had them attend my ceremonies and having attended theirs, I know many Masons, Catholics, Jews, some Muslims, one Ba�Hai but no Hindus � what I am saying is that Celtic Spirituality is distinctly not to be confused with any of the new religions such as Wicca or Wita � it should be seen as its own practice with traditions and its very own path and not as a pick and choose variation of Cabala. Now we can celebrate our unique indigenous traditions with clarity touching the past while going into the future but at the same time enjoying right now as a Celebration of Celtic Spirituality.

Nurturing � to protect and feed and take care of � in this case let us simply imagine that we are parents of a concept titled �Celtic Spirituality� and it is our responsibility to Nurture this concept. This means not feeding stereotype media misconceptions, deliberate system propaganda, living in fear or limiting the potential for growth or free thinking in any way � instead we must seek to find the uniqueness of truth and remove the layers of confusion and rebuild simple honest loving connection to all beings and this planet of ours.

Celtic � there never was a Celtic Empire that can be recognised as such because there never was a Celtic Emperor. Because the Celtic period did not have a single male dominant leader for the thousands of years it existed - all other Empires have tried to dismiss it as never having existed at all or as never being a proper way of life. Even today a senior Irish Archaeologist declares that we Irish are not Celtic and that the �Celtic� way of life never came to Ireland but this may partly be due to the fact that this senior person is not actually Irish, does not speak our native Celtic language and that he may have aligned with an undeclared agenda... But if you can consider the idea that in Roman terms anyone who was not a Patrician (ruling class) Plebeian (aligned working class) was automatically a Pagan or country dweller who lives with the traditions and natural practices of the land � then you can see who and what Celtic was and is. Today we may consider Celtic to mean not controlled by male or female dominated religions but instead it means recovering and restoring the old traditions, respecting nature, honouring the gods and developing our own individual connection to source.
Spirituality � This is the way of working with your higher self seeking contact at all times with your Personal Spirit Guides, your Clan Spirit and the Ancestral Spirits. This requires a balance between your thinking and intuitive brains while your reptilian brain is quietened, with these three aspects organised your balance allows access to your true spiritual self � maintaining this balance is being on a Spiritual Path. By using Celtic references with a framework of core concepts you can walk a Celtic Spiritual Path.

Spirituality and Religion � In ancient times Paganism was not a religion, it was simply being Celtic and not under the control of the Roman Empire or the Catholic Church. Paganism did not and does not have a hierarchy or book of law so there were no rulers or ways of being separated from Spirit by those who would claim they were closer to Spirit than you, nor is there any of this today. However, we can see that Paganism has become a recognised religion in many countries across the world. Here in Ireland where the church is still entrenched and attempting to hold on for as long as possible we now have Paganism recognised as a religion and legal marriage ceremonies can be held for Pagans in Ireland. I want everyone here to acknowledge Ray and Annette Sweeney of the Pagan Federation for their dedication to Nurturing Pagan Spirituality and getting the Pagan way recognised by the state as a religion. Everyone except Ray and Annette please stand up
Please give them a ROUND OF APPLAUSE
Now religion and spirituality are very different. They may use the same core concepts and even have the same goals, for me my path is that of a Celtic Drui which I see as a path expressing my spirit reveling in the beauty and wonderfulness of being alive in the free world� the religious aspect of my path is that of service to the emerging Pagan community and doing what I can to help Nurture Pagan Spirituality in Ireland. So I am religious and spiritual in who I am and what I do and I try really hard to make sure people don�t try to follow me because I make mistakes, instead I encourage people to find their own uniqueness and personal path be it Pagan or Dru� or Religious or Spiritual.

Prophecy � I have held open and free public ceremony on Tara for over 100 full moons. I am about to retire from hosting this service at every moon but other Drui from our core grove have declared intention to �keep her going� so to speak. This full moon ritual ceremony has been great fun as we hold a doorway open for those who seek their path and for being with others who are well on their path. My thanks go to everyone who has ever stood with us on Tara, but especially to Niamh.
But I am worried � there is a new control religion being promoted under the guise of Paganism/Earth Spirituality. It is presented as the Earth Charter by the UN and is controlled by the same families who control the world�s money supply. It is based on carbon guilt tax and clever cherry picking from known traditions. Its intention is slavery of the masses while at the same time it is also a new style of forced tax harvesting. It has already happened � so watch out and stay free.

IRISH PAGAN CALENDAR � I have discovered the oldest known Eightfold Calendar in the world. This is about the Sun rise over a dormant volcano called Lambay Island showing us the eight folds of the year as used by our most ancient of ancestors. How does this Irish Pagan Calendar work?
1) The two solstices are when night is shortest marked as 0* of Cancer and when the night is longest marked as 0* of Capricorn. The two equinoxes are when day and night are equal, the Spring Equinox is marked a 0* of Aries and the Autumn Equinox is marked as 0* of Libra. These are the quarters of the year as shown in the belt of the Zodiac or the ring of stars that surrounds our solar system. The longest and the shortest and the two equal days aligned the 12 Astrology signs such as Aquarius etc to the �Ages of the Sun� and this solar calendar quarter system is global.
2) The cross quarters are when the Sun lined up with each of the four bright stars in this same belt of the Zodiac. The 4 stars make an X within the circle of the Zodiac. This calendar cross quarter system is uniquely Gaelic and a special part of our indigenous traditions. More on this in a minute...
3) And of course there are the 12 or 13 full moons in a full year that are visible without calendars.

That�s 20 or 21 Pagan holy days or holidays every year that would mean Pagans have a minimum of 20 days off work to celebrate the Pagan Festivals along with the two weeks standard holidays. But Pagans would have to work St Paddy�s day, no meat Friday and the day of boxing etc. I can not expect this calendar to be accepted in my lifetime but hey its been hidden from you for over 1500 years so what is another 50 years or so? So now, let�s make this interesting � I need 11 volunteers.

end of notes

I then got all the people attending Eigse Spiriod Ceilteach to stand in circle and represent the Zodiac. One lady was asked to stay seated and represent the Sun. (We found out later that it was her birthday or Sun return day so we sang Happy Birthday to her.) I then gave out cards to eight of the people to act as the eight folds of the solar year. It worked out well, the two Marion's played the roles of Earth and Moon with much gusto. I hope this game of Cetic Time allowed the participants to see how our ancestors calculated the eightfold of the solar year.

There are pictures of this gathering on our Facebook page and on Eigse facebook as well.

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