Tara Pilgrimage 2010 and Ireland's Druidschool Videos
A bit delayed but see below for the video of our Summer Solstice gathering for our Tara Pilgrimage 2010. There is also a short video of myself at Ireland's Druidschool taken earlier this year. Many thanks to Daire and the team at KameraKazi TV

Quote from KameraKazi TV -

"In the first of 2 parts, Con explains about the fundamental beliefs of Celtic Druids and how he became a druid. He talks about his Druid School in Co. Roscommon, cosmic time and artificial time, and sinister truth behind shamrocks. As one of the only few in the world who continues these practices, this is a re-introduction to a shrouded part of our heritage. In the second episode, KKtv follows Con Connor to the ancient site of Tara as he facilitates the Summer Solstice celebrations. Con talks about his heartbreak at the dissection of Tara Valley by the M3 motorway, the ending of a curse, and the difference in the meaning of the Summer Solstice between the Roman and Pagan calendars. There were over a hundred people taking part in the celebrations - either dancing, drumming, or simply enjoying the spectacle of it all, as the sun slowly set on the longest day of the year."

Two parts, click on the picture to see the first video and select Part 2 and click on that picture to see the second part.

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