Dru� Fasach Initiation 6th of Nov 2010
At a gathering at our new Druidschool home in Ros Comain on Saturday morning 6th of November 2010 we had a closed Ceremony of Initiation for another special person to the level of �Dru� Fasach�. The invitation to this free ceremony is at my discretion and discussions with participants and an outline plan showing the intention are only shared with Dru� Dalta� who have completed the Sl� an Dru� training.

There is no fee associated with this Initiation � these special initiation ceremonies are held on the first day of the Celtic New Year � participants have been with us on the previous night as we hold a water ceremony at Tobar Tlachtga and then three fire ceremonies at three sacred sites. A massive pilgrimage for one day � then from the next day we honour or show respect to the Drui Daltai by speaking of him or her as Dru� Fasach (Druid of Knowledge)

The important thing for you, the reader, to be aware of regarding this or any Initiation is that no one can make people into Dru�. Each aspirant must do his / her own work, face their own individual challenges and secure their own connection to the Source. An Initiation comes only at an advanced stage of such a process that we identify as Spiritual Alchemy. Each had done their own personal spiritual growth to the point of (as I say with a smile) �there is no going back for you now; you�ve come too far into the Light�.

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