Ord na Dru� oath taking
At a gathering here at Druidschool on the 6th of Nov 2010 we had a group oath taking ceremony. Details of the oath and of Ord na Dru� can be found here The order has existed since early 07 and its membership is now 10 people.

To be with like minded spirits who seek similar harmonies and to then take a oath bonding each to a rule is a profound thing. Not to be taken casually, such considered declarations resonate into the future. The words are not just words - they are statements of intention to work for a common outcome.

It has been suggested that those who are ready to take this oath but cannot get to be with us at an appropriate time may take the oath in private. This is perfectly allowed as it is your intention that is uppermost. We will expect all who wish to be recognized as members of Ord na Dru� to be with us at a future date and take the Oath at one of our gatherings - there is great synergy in this.

A main reason for taking an Oath is to galvanize or focus our intention to a common shared outcome - as we align with these higher goals so we step away from the petty and vulgar world of corporate commercialism and into the higher spheres of spirit by atunement to the Source. It also feels like a very deep connection to something very special! The key to it is if you are already doing one or more of the things in the oath - then you have actually expressed your intention physically - now you can deepen your connection by making a positive statement to the universe by speaking the words of the oath out loud at a ceremony.

Let us know how you get on.
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