Celtic Camp Lughnasa Games 2014
Lughnasa Games 2013

Lughnasa Games 2013

A three-day event combining the skills of the warrior with the spirit of our Celtic ancestry will be held at Druidschool�s 16-acre farm in our purpose built medieval fort and ceremonial enclosure. We host a Celtic Camp for the Lughnasa Games 2013.

The above para has been updated - the rest of this page should be seen as an outline of what will happen this year 2 to 4 Aug 2014 and is subject to change (mostly by the weather) Read on and enjoy.

Medieval tents create a camp village where food is cooked in cauldrons over a log fire within the Rath, our purpose built medieval fort. Themed as the high medieval period - about 1000 years ago, so simple trousers and tunics and wraparound skirts and blouses / shawls of natural materials and muted colours are your costume guidelines. Shoes and boots will be needed (walking about barefoot is frowned upon) but try to avoid white runners and stilettos as well... Bring a wool blanket - bed and cloak in one, make sure you also bring your sleeping bag and tent, sleeping space in our medieval tents is available and there are B+B�s and a Hotel nearby. Beer, mead and wine may be consumed in moderation after 9pm only. All food is provided from cauldrons over log fires with vegetarian options. There are lots of spaces for plastic tents and ample car parking. See this as an adventure into camp life in a Celtic mode, bring your gifts - music, song, dance, story telling, cooking, having the craic....
Daily Activities Plan

Daily Activities Plan

Warrior Skills - daily schedule
10:30 to 12:30. Training and target practice in three skills; bow and arrow, spear and axe.
2:00 to 4:00. Three skills knockout competition from 2pm to establish a winner for the day.
4:30 to 5:00. Archery Clout Shoot: targets at 100, 200 and 300 foot (not a competition)
5:00 to 6:00. Sword and Dagger Skills (re-enactment display style, not combat)
6:00 on Satuday only - Womens Self Defence

Celtic Spirit - evening schedule
Friday 7pm "Brehon Law", 8pm Imramma, a Celtic Dreaming.
Saturday 7pm "Sacred Fire Craft", 8pm Eachtra, a Celtic Dreaming.
Sunday 7pm �Celtic Dragon�, 8pm Imbas, a Celtic Dreaming
Late evening sessions

Late evening sessions

Fireside drumming, singing and mead tasting from 9pm each evening. Optional real Honey Mead making demonstration course on Saturday from 6pm. As this is a child friendly event we ask our guests to respect these guidelines - no drink before 9pm and young ones must not be at the camp fire after 9pm.


1st prize for highest score on any of the three days (i.e. everyone has three chances) is ???
2nd prize is a decorated 3mm vege-tan leather arm bracer and a 2mm finger tab.
3rd prize is a Celtic Knotwork wrist bracelet.

Each day has the same training / practice followed by a competition. Everyone may enter 3 times and the highest score from any single day is reckoned.
Our Lughnasa Games History

Our Lughnasa Games History

We have held six Lughnasa Games weekends here at Rath Niamh in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 as shown in the images below. We have a purpose built dedicated one-acre twin banked Rath (based on Cloonfree, 1270 to 1306 Aodh O�Conchubhair) for this activity enclosed within our 16-acre farm. The �games� are themed as traditional Celtic in the High Medieval period (ie about 1000 years ago). We pitch 6 medieval tents, there is a central wood fire where we cook in cauldrons and log seats allow a circle gathering around the campfire. There are medieval displays of leathercraft, camp kitchen, weapons, helmets and armour.
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Lughnasa Games 2012 Booking Info

Lughnasa Games 2012 Booking Info

Tickets available here (limited to 50 people)
Book your Weekend Ticket E90 or
One Day Ticket E35 here
Note - family reductions available, please inquire. Under 18�s must have guardian.

Held at Ireland's Druidschool near Castlerea, Co Roscommon - directions here
Lughnasa Games 2011 Organisational details

Lughnasa Games 2011 Organisational details

Health and Safety
While all activities we have organised for the Lughnasa Games are sports, they can be seriously dangerous if proper caution and basic safety rules are ignored. All props including swords, spears, axes, bows and arrows, sharp knives require responsible use and due care to others. Both Niamh and Con have first aid skills and a full first aid kit is available � please report any injuries however small for cleaning and dressing.

Camping at Rath Niamh
We provide 6 medieval tents for people who intend sleeping in the Rath. People may bring and pitch their own tents in the field just below the Rath. You must bring your own bedding and remember a blanket is also a cloak�

Food at Rath Niamh
We provide hot food cooked in cauldrons over a log fire � breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegetarian options. People may cook their own food on camping gaz etc. Everyone will bring his or her own spoon, knife, fork and bowl. Everyone pitches in and helps out when it is needed. All rubbish leaves with its owner.

We have a toilet and wash hand basin in a mobile home for common use and toilet, wash hand basin and shower in our home when needed. Everyone will bring his or her own towel etc but we will provide plenty of soft paper.

There is plenty of parking if people are sensible. All 4x4�s will park on the grass just past the wind turbine. Remember we have a high power 4-wheel drive jeep and towing straps and we will remove dangerously or badly parked vehicles to maintain safety access routes.

Some or the entire event may be filmed. This would be used for promoting future events and for all participants to enjoy again and again. Anyone taking photographs and or video is asked to give us copies.

Alternate accommodation
Tully's Hotel, Castlerea, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon 00353 94 9620200
Fallons B+B, Phone: 00353 (0)94 9621183 Mobile: 00353 (0)86 3195435 http://www.facebook.com/fallonsbedandbreakfast
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