A Dru� Fasach Pilgrimage - Samhain 2010
Seeking higher awareness on the Celtic New Year proved everything I could hope for and more. Journeying halfway round the world to spend time and share space with the Gaelic Druids and friends within Ireland's sacred landscape proved quite the pilgrimage!

The poignant step of blessing the Druids well helped me see deeper into the nature of the realm of sea and the process of purification and evolution through regular work. The streams and waterways, the seas � work tirelessly to clarify the waters of our world, inner and outer, this and other. No separation exists, and our ritual attendance brought these feelings, under and overstandings as well as waves of tranquility.

With good humour and jokes, we donned make up and layers and headed up to Tlachtga. The tangible presence of the ancient centre of the Drui felt electrifying and energising. Just past sundown, the liminal space had opened and we stepped through the door into the timeless space that Gaelic ritual facilitates. The new flames spirit consumed the last years mistakes and regrets as we shared and released, with gentle and respectful support and love. Our teachers and ancestors invoked, they stood with us, along with the presence of the Drui of the the otherworld.

At Tara our numbers swelled and we shared the flame with the international gathering, each charging our intentions for the new year in the spirit that had been brought to the royal seat. The flame of hope, love and light � the light of the re-emergent Pagan spirituality and conscious living in Ireland. A glimmer that lights the way for those that see the path open up before them, as It had and continues to open up in front of each of the gathered lightworkers.

The third fire concluded our day of ritual and with the proper encouragement, the flame spirit took hold, demonstrating the continuation of progress that we must each make to nurture Pagan Spirituality in our selves and others. Reawakening can prove a challenge, and Ireland's lightworkers have stepped up and continue to lead and hold the torch as a beacon for those that feel the light within start to grow.

My privileges to share this sacred time with Ord na Drui and friends, as they help others realise the filling, turning and balancing of the three cauldrons so that we may sync the internal and external for a brighter future and encourage others in doing the same for themselves.

Many many thanks and blessings!

Math, Dru� Fasach.

Comment it was a pleasure to have Math Dru� Fasach and Jo Dru� Dalta join and stay with us for the Celtic New Year. Both are special and share reality with ease.
Dec 2010
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