The freedom of the Celtic Spirit
We are born with Spiritual Freedom as a birthright, but this is not common knowledge as it has been hidden from us. To stay spiritually free we need to make a series of choices as we �grow up�. At the same time we may also choose to abandon such notions in order to appease mammy and daddy, to have companions, to survive and to fit in. Either way it is all about the choices that we make and this becomes more obvious as we grow older. This is not to say that all older people have spiritual freedom but that they may understand such ideas much more than people who are in early adulthood.

What is this notion of �spiritual freedom�? Spirit is that which makes us unique on this planet. Trees and rocks and animals have spirit as do places of great beauty and wildness but the spirit in humans is so much more obvious and of primary relevance to us than all other versions. It may just be that there is only one spirit with many expressions and depending on how connected you are to your spirit then you may make connection to other forms of divine expression. Freedom is the ability to choose. This is based on knowing you have such a right and having enough understanding to see the possible future effects of your decisions. Being free allows us to re-cognise spirit. It may be said that perhaps animals, trees and rocks etc do not have freedom to choose but this may be true only when compared to our range of options - they may have choice but many of us may not be able to understand it for many reasons.

The opposite of spiritual freedom may be seen as religious slavery that says you are born as a bad person and guilty of wrongdoing from the moment you are alive in this world. This is usually imposed on us when we are born and painfully re-enforced on a regular basis throughout our lives. Religion usually means obeying the dogma contained in a book of rules written a long time ago. Slavery means work without reward, expecting hardship and only the promise of punishment and death. There is no freedom when you have to obey a book of rules with the threat of pain etc. I suggest that so many people stay in such bad slave traps because they do not know they have choice.

I will apply a simple formula to our modern apparently civilised world -

The hungry man has limited opportunities for any true freedom. His basic needs for food, shelter and warmth override all other considerations. Now hunger can have many forms from basic starvation up to and including toxic sugar / msg type diets that fatten. When the Cauldron of Warming (stomach area) only has a mix of fluoridated water, bleached white bread, and genetically engineered foods with a dash of aluminium poisoning, 2 year old frozen meats that get microwaved and all this without any of the basic trace elements or nutrients - I would call this �civilised hunger�. This may describe a very common situation in what we see today as the civilised world. It is the basis for being heavily overweight and for suffering constantly from bad health - it is a trap, which means lack of freedom. But people can escape from this trap by making choices - clean living water, fresh organic foods avoiding known toxins and using real grey sea salt can replace the bad mix. But as a Lightworker you or I cannot make people choose these things - they have to know and want them. The best way I know to inspire such want is to be an example of the benefits of positive life style choices.

The hard-working man has limited opportunities to freely express his true nature. His job may be demanding, boring and life / soul destroying but he must continue to earn a living. Now the life style of having a job that he does not like, may not be much use to him but he may not see any option or any way out. When the Cauldron of Vocation (chest area) is filled with drudgery and hardship without job satisfaction or any sense of fulfilment - I would call this �indentured slavery�. This may be understood as paying the slaves just enough while working them as hard as possible to get the most out of them for the least input. This includes the working class and the so-called middle class and in many cases the upper class - many doing jobs that they do not love. This effectively creates chronic unhappiness that leads to heavy drug and drink mis-use. But people can escape from such �job� traps by making choices - find hobbies that excite, develop new interests, maybe seek a change within work - learning new skills in totally different areas and changing the fixed way for new possibilities. But we cannot make people choose these things - they have to want them. The best way I know to inspire such want is to be an example of the benefits of positive career changes.

The religious man has little or no opportunity for first hand spiritual knowledge where he may access higher wisdom. His church may require repeated suffering or adoration of suffering and may include denial of individual connection to God or Goddess. He may only be allowed to worship a God and the Goddess may even be banned. When the Cauldron of Knowledge (skull area) is filled by doom and threats of punishment, with hellfire and brimstone as the only rewards - I would call this �religious darkness�. This may be understood as indoctrinating the sheeple into semi-unconsciousness while encouraging them to sin because then they must pay a church tax for those sins. The sins of course must be repeated because the church depends on the revenue from these sins. This leads to chronic sinning and payoffs to the church, in turn this inspires even bigger sins and so on. But people can and do escape from such darkness by listening to their higher selves and knowing that it is ok to have a life without fear of God. When we seek out that which inspire us and when we are touched by exquisite beauty and when we feel absolute happiness we move out of their darkness. But you cannot make people choose these things - they have to want them. The best way to inspire such want is to be an example of the benefits of living in the Light.

Now the simplified explanation above can be expanded to include many more ideas but in essence the core idea is to change, or to know that you can change and that such change is inspired by true Lightworkers. To encourage and inspire choice it must be expressed.

Mahatma Gandhi tried for the first years of his political activism to change the world he lived in. He eventually realised that he could in fact only change himself. By his example he inspired a nation to throw off the imperial tax yoke and regain its freedom. But the imperial system that existed was left behind and native imperial masters and the war that the empire left them with quickly replaced their foreign imperial masters. But one man changed himself and in so doing he changed the world. Think about that. He listened to his gut feeling and began the weaving of cloth and now inspires spiritual truth just by his name.

Eamon DeVelera also changed himself and secured the right of freedom of religious and spiritual freedom for everyone in Ireland when he wrote the Irish Constitution. He was being hounded by the most senior church men in Ireland and in Rome to include the phrase �the one true God� which would make all non-believers into second class citizens. But he stood up for freedom of choice and this is clearly shown in BUNREACHT NA hEIREANN, Article 44 - this was a powerful statement for him because he was a devout catholic. As the leader of an independent nation that had suffered aggressive imperial domination of a foreign power for 800 years he was determined that the church should not become the new master of our nation. He was a brave man who held the highest principles close to his heart and saw spiritual freedom as an immensely valuable right. I had the honour of being a young soldier at his last Guard of Honour at the GPO where a major part of the battle for Irish Independence happened in 1916. His work facilitates spiritual freedom in Ireland today, may he always be remembered and respected.

The options outlined are �civilised hunger� or making life style choices, �indentured slavery� or new career changes, �religious darkness� or living in the Light. To realise these concepts and to begin to express them is to enjoy your spiritual freedom. To truly enjoy spiritual freedom you must encourage and facilitate the same option for others - by example, by happiness, by living in the Light. You are a spirit in the flesh, you are free in truth and you are the Light - so shine brightly and inspire others.

Imbolg 2011
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