The Modern Celtic Woman
Becoming an Irish Celtic Druid takes a long time. You do not have to progress through any structured levels as most systems suggest. Rather you must learn to change you and your perception of the world. It is an individual path of self transformation walking in harmony with the land you live on. A druid seeks the truth and in truth connection to his fellow man, to the earth, the sea and the sky. A lot has been written in the past about Druids and the majority of it must be dismissed or read with extreme caution as our history has been written by the enemies of freedom and truth the Romans and the Catholic Church. For example, the word Druid itself. This word conjures different images for different people depending on which past propaganda they have been reading. The Druid they envisage may be wearing a white bed sheet while up a tree cutting mistletoe with a golden sickle or he may be fuelling the fire beneath his latest sacrificial victim, or my favourite one, sitting at Stonehenge waiting for a sign that it's the right time to plant seeds. Another misconception because of all this propaganda is that Druids are men or in the past they were only men. Stories about St. Patrick tell us that he killed or caused to be killed 800 Druids many of whom were women. We have the famous story of Eithne and Fildelma daughters of King Laoighre who were two student Druids at Cashel Manannan, the Druid�s school at Rath Croghan (Cruachan). One day while washing themselves at the Ogulla well they were interrupted by St. Patrick. He told them that the only way to see God was when you were dead, the story goes that he baptised them and they died. So here you have two princesses who were daughters of the High King of Ireland studying at a Druid College not far from Ireland�s Druidschool today and St. Patrick baptised them to death, this is one story that read from a different perspective shows a hidden truth. Please when you are reading about our history do so with a critical and analytical mind always looking to the motivation of the authors. The actual word Druid, in Ireland, in our native tongue Gaeilge means Starling or as a verb it means to close something. I have come to believe that the actual word started off as an insult, almost like �tree hugger� is an insult for an environmentalist today.

So how do we find our true native Irish spirituality? If you were to walk down a main street in our capital city and ask a random person to describe our native spirituality I'm fairly sure St. Patrick and snakes would be mentioned. Yet our history goes back much further than 432ad. I believe that in Ireland our history written by the victors and spun by the controllers of the time has left us very confused as a nation. Our ancestors left us many clues in our landscape and in our collective psyche. It is in our nature to want to learn how to resonate with the pulse of the earth. We're continually seeking ways to fill that void within us to feel part of something greater than our individual selves. We are repeatedly told that our indigenous beliefs and traditions (i.e. pre Christian) are lost to us. I'd like to pose a question. How did our ancestors find their magical selves, how did they resonate with the earth and how did they ritualise their spirituality? Don't start quoting me Pliny and other doubtful sources. I'll tell you how they did it. They went outside, they cleared their minds of mundane thoughts and they searched for the truth. The truth of everything, the stars, the seas and the land we live on. They searched for ways to connect to these, to understand how they resonated within our bodies and within our communities. They felt the currents of energy, they watched the movements of the stars and planets, they observed how we interacted with the different realms and they worked out a way that was appropriate for their society to interact and to live a spiritual life. I'm sure they never perfected it and that it was an ongoing cycle of learning. We now need to continue this, to trust ourselves that we can connect with a higher source without a priestly intermediary. Cherry picking from other civilisations or magical systems will not suffice, if we rely on theories of spiritual reconstructualism we will never connect with our truth, with our own individual connection to our true source, here and now.

We should embrace the fact that our times are changing. We will never forget our ancestors, in fact we will always honour them but we should not try to live in the past, we should not try to construct a spirituality based solely on the past, especially when it has been so deliberately confused by those who wrote about it because of their political agendas. We need to take time to actually feel, to connect and to find peace and understanding in our modern world. There are those who are trying to deconstruct past propaganda in search of the truth and this is essential as it will inform our present and future but it is much more important for us to connect with the energy of today.

My path of self transformation has brought me to many wonderful places, I've met with beautiful people and I have come to some unique understandings. I began by deconstructing the thought patterns that had been imposed upon me. I had to look at what was occupying my thinking mind and ultimately distracting me from finding my truth and happiness. It's no good standing out in a field trying to connect with nature when all you can think about is how to pay the next bill or what you'll wear to the party tomorrow night. I had to critically analyse my own relationships and how I as an individual interact with the world.

For me, that meant huge practical changes in my life, for example choosing not to have a TV in my home. One day I counted up how many hours were spent watching it and decided that what I was watching was merely a distraction from life. I looked at what I was eating....far too much sugar and toxic processed could I become a clear channel for energy if my physical body was blocked. I lived in the city, the noise and hostility was driving me nuts so I moved to the country side to wide open spaces. In essence I dramatically simplified my life, my desires and wants. I did this so that I could see the world from a different perspective. I wanted to understand what true magic was and is. When people talk of energy what did they actually mean. I needed to get out and experiment and walk my path as a Lightworker Worker.

As often happens when you change your life so dramatically you lose friends and family who can't understand why you don't want to sit and watch TV with them anymore but I gained new relationships with people who were also seeking more to life. One new relationship introduced me to the concept of ceremony. I had conducted my own private individual ceremonies but often these were ego based searching for material things, they certainly worked but never gave me the peace I was looking for. I began to stand in circle with like minded individuals and together we evolved a ceremony that allowed us to connect with the earth, sea and sky and with each other on a spiritual level. I began to take part in earth healing, learning the skill of divining for water, indeed drinking living water. I started to look up and study the planets and stars and how they connect with us on so many different levels. I sought understanding of electrism and magnetism and how they sustain our life on this planet.

I still get distracted today but it is becoming easier for me to put aside those distractions and return to my true intention of living a spiritual life in harmony with the land I live on. When you walk your path as a Lightworker Worker you must really look at your intentions and get a good strong hold on your ego and continually maintain this. It is actually quite hard work but it does get easier with time.

I am walking the path of a Lightworker Worker as an Irish Celtic Druid (Drui as Gaeilge meaning a magical Lightworker worker) in a modern world. I'm resonating with the land I live on which means having an understanding of the history of the land and it's people, it means using as much of the native language as possible, it means continually updating myself on current political changes and understanding how our country works. It also means going outside to feel the unique pulse of this land, of looking up to the skies and understanding what goes on beneath our feet.

As a woman I connect to this wonderful pulse of life. Along with my partner Con we have intuited many understandings and we have developed techniques to help others connect more completely to their own Light. We do this using a Celtic framework to associate our knowledge and understandings. We hold a very special space here at Ireland�s Druidschool where men and women can visit and study the path of the Celtic Lightworker with us thereby gaining practical knowledge and experience in the real world.

Niamh Connor
Spring Equinox
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