Sping Equinox 2011 pictures of Druidschool
The Spring Equinox for 2011 had a Full Moon followed by a Solar ceremony the next day. A Dru� Dalta (student druid) was with us for the week 16 to 22 March. A young man from Athlone, full of life with no fear of work - he is very happy to be on an indigenous path. Together we harvested wattle from a local forest - this volunteer tree grows where it can but the forestry slash it with tractor mounted flails if it tries to smother the road. We cut and cleaned it by hand - three of us working as a team.

The day after harvest we began and completed the installation of a wattle wall near the main building. This design gives us privacy, a wind break and a natural wall to have plants, herbs and flowers grow upon. Other images below share the shift in the seasons / weather and show the natural beauty of the countryside. The temple gets another stage prepared and hopefully we will get a roof over the old building during this summer. We enjoy the progress and look forward to the next stage in our project, we are blessed to have so much support.
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