The Torc, our ceremonial enclosure, Spring Equinox 2011
The Torc at Ireland's Druidschool was the first thing we made in 06, it was constructed from the big bank of earth behind the old house. This earthen bank was a sponge holding water and because it was so close to the house - it was a slow release damp store. We removed this and lowered the water table around the house and the house soon dried out. The earth was relocated and shaped into a broken circle open to the Equinox Sun rise - we call this The Torc.

Below are some images of the Torc. In here we hold the teachings, Sun and Moon ceremony, Healings and Handfastings, Baby namings, and its here that we take the Oath of Ord na Dru�. We light a fire with sacred wood (ie wild wood, not painted or stained) and sit in circle as we enjoy learning, healing and celebrating. As I write 12:20 24 March 2011 - the Sun is shining and I'm anxious to get back to the Torc and apply the natural wood preserver I've had in the shed for months. Enjoy the images and maybe someday you will join us in our modern circular temple.
Above - The Torc at Ireland's Druidschool, this is what the Sun sees at sunrise on the Spring and Autumn Equinox every year.
Above - As you walk closer - you see the Triban - the three paths all leading to the Source
Above - Hazel wood uprights and the lintel support the doors, at the base are two Quartz and Sandstones taken from the lane way, bark chip path...
Above - The doors are open, beidh f�ilte romhat - there will be a welcome for you
Above - Entering the Torc
Above - The inside of the Torc
Above - Twelve Hazel log seats, each with a gift of Quartz surround the central fire

Below - The view from the center, out the door to where the Equinox Sun rises, showing the outer temple
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