Our Gaelic Round Tent 2011
We now have our Gaelic Rount Tent pitched in our medieval rath - thanks go to our volunteers Denis and Cait who helped with a range of housework and rathwork.

The wood poles used in this modified relief tent were all sourced locally, trimmed and round eneded with a steel pin inserted top and bottem to add stability. The central pole is one piece of ash with ivy climbing up it as it bends and curves. This round tent is now 16ft daimeter and 11ft high with 5ft walls.
Fitting the door was the last job, rummaging through our 'authentic' materials box we got some heavy canvas...
Looking out from our Gaelic Round Tent to the Archery and Spear/Axe butts
The Gaelic Round Tent in the NE corner and the raised bank for four Saxon tents. The half creat is the fuel store
Our Gaelic Round Tent, the first tent pitched in our Rath for the 2011 Lughnasa Games. Lots done - more to do... More images soon
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