Our Torc Round Tent 2011
We now have a round tent inside the ceremonial enclosure at Ireland's Druidschool. We call it the Torc Tent as it is very similiar to the other 'Gaelic style' Round Tent out in our Rath.

Our thanks go to volunteers Tom and Aaron who worked long and hard to get this semi-permanent tent securely in place.

As the gates are opened our round tent / temple sits snugly waiting ...
This round tent is 15ft (6mt) wide and 9ft high. Log seats and tarp over log wall give a secure solid feeling. We have burned ancient Bog Oak incense inside to add the indigenous touch...
When the job was done and photo's had been taken - I went down to the Torc again and opened the gates and stood back to admide the result when I noticed a perfect Spiral Cloud above the tent. The little digital camera took a great shot - presented here in an un-modified state - just cropped and resized.

Such a Spiral Cloud is a rare thing and is seem as a blessing, to catch it on camera above a modern Pagan Temple is wonderful.
Below is the view from the inside showing the high bank of the ceremonial enclosure - The Torc. Also shown are Hazel logs for seating.
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The image below shows the center of the tent with a round table altar - under it are quartz rocks from dain clearence on the farm. This Torc Tent will be the location for the talks and dreaming sessions at the Lughnasa games as well as our outdoor ceremonial temple.
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