Employment potential in the Coillte Deserts
(Note - the following is an edited personal email that we passed on in full)

The Mc Carthy report highlighted Coilltes disatrous record in managing 1 million acres, resulting in 500,000 acres being of no commercial value and most of their profits have come mainly from the sale of public forest lands for development and some of the decent plantations to pension fund/banks at ten years of age.

The wasted plantations could be used to train up local people and convert them back to native woodlands with multiple benefits etc. A sustainable model utilising manual labour would involve one job per five acres of management per year, even conservatively projecting you could have at least 50,000 people employed in this wasteland to start as part of a National public works programme. Currently from approx 1.5m acres of Public and private forestry in Ireland only about 10,000 are employed and very few meaningfully....

The Swiss forests, where a country half the size of Ireland with twice as much forest cover has over 120,000 people employed, which gives us an indicator as to the potential of a different forestry model. In a recent EU survey of forestry, Forest Europe 2011, in which Ireland came last in every category, it shows little Estonia getting 97% of
its energy from its forests, that includes logs for firewood, wastes/thinnings for wood pellets /biomass and wood gas conversion, being realistic though they do have 80% treecover.

Andrew St Ledger - http://www.woodlandleague.org/ sign the petition
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