The joys of living with the land
Just a short essay sharing some of the joys of living with the land here in the west of Ireland edited from our Druidschool Facebook presence...

Deep blue skies just now were populated by the highest of the clouds looking like White Angels, then it settled into pink fluffy and then a kind of purple, amazing. This is what NO TV means... Luckily there were no chemtrails either, maybe they have run out of Barium and Aluminium...

No TV is the first step towards real freedom as we disengage from indoctrination and the lies of the news and the marketing evils of greed. The next step is getting out in Nature and giving thanks for all the wonderfullness all around us. Plant a herb box on your window...

Really sunny day - got loads done - wood cut and split and stacked for the Lughnasa camp fire (3 full days log fire until late at night) grass in fort cutting begun, turbine mound weeds trimmed and I had the use of a man lift (turbine adjustments) - 50foot plus up in the air higher than our biggest tree, so I filmed our farm from on high... knees wobble, deep breaths, everything is ok...ok...ok

Two French volunteers arrive today to help with preparation for the Lughnasa Games, they are medieval re-enactors who want to have a working holiday experience in the west of Ireland... far away from the tv generated panic and church inspired austerity and the stink of corrupt politicians.

Three days of grey skies, mist and rain, constant winds but our two big round tents stand proud, one in the Rath (our medieval fort) and the other in the Torc (our ceremonial enclosure) two volunteers join us on Wednesday to set up more tents and organise for our Lughnasa Games 30 July to 2 Aug E90 all in

T� luibh ar gach leigheas (there is a herb for very ailment) N�l luibh an leigheas (there is not a herb with out a cure) Two old Irish sayings with English approximations - thank Nature for its glorious frienship

You escape from the darkness when you create your own Light - meet others and benefit from the synergy of a Celtic Gathering - our Lughnasa Games...

Also on our Irelands-Druidschool Facebook and our RoscommonSword Facebook are many photo's of flowers and herbs growing in the wild, the donkies and mares with their foals as our four legged mowers, the wind turbine and images of Celtic Costume, medieval footwear, leather kit, archery, weapons our tents etc. It is so much easier to upload images and so much quicker that there are lots of pictures on our FB pages that do not appear on our main website. We invite you to become a friend or to like on our FB's and check out the photo's.
Lughnasa 2011
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