Full Moon Ceremonies and Moot
We host public Full Moon and Solar Ceremonies at Tara and at the Celtic Druid Temple, all these celebrations are accompanied by a Moot (gathering / opportunity to chat). These ceremonies are open and free to all. This is an opportunity for those who may have interest in our Spiritual Tradition, Sl� an Dru�, to be with us and experience the Celtic Path. We walk the Path of the Lightworker in the Celtic Tradition and we refer to this as Sl� an Dru�. Our training courses set out to explain and share a way of atunement to the 3 Cauldrons within, the 3 Realms in the outer world and Sacred Time as a basis for connecting to the Celtic Druid Path.

The Celtic Druid's Blessing
The Ard Dru� facilitator will perform the Celtic Druid's Cross of Light and give the Blessing to the Three Realms followed by the Filling of the Cauldrons which connect us to the Sky, Sea and Land. This is explained and demonstrated by the Ard Dru� and the whole group can perform it, if so wished. It is a series of movements coordinated with the breath and some Irish words. It's focus is to harmonise and enrgise the aura of the person/group performing it and sends a blessing to the three realms of Sky, Sea and Land. This is how we start all of our ceremonies.

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