Druí Dalta (student druid)
First steps on the Celtic Path

First steps on the Celtic Path

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You now have 5 choices of how to begin your Pathwork with us-
1) Online Homestudy Course
2) Off Grid Celtic Spirituality weekend courses (any of the 3)
-) Wandmaker, Templebuilder or Toolmaker week courses (suspended for 2016)
3) Divining Sacred Sites one day course 2016
4) Woodland Meitheal
5) Full Moon ceremony (here and at Tara)
Courses  for Dru� Dalta�

Courses for Dru� Dalta�

Sl� an Dru� Online Course
This 11 steps online course guides you to gain access to the Three Realms and the Three Cauldrons and the concept of Natural Time. You will begin the practice and appreciation of ritual ceremony for the Sun and Moon cycles.

Off Grid Celtic Spirituality
This 3 weekend introductory course guides you to create the foundations and build the framework for living your life as a Dru�. You'll hold the Sacred Knowledge and Indigenous Spiritual Traditions of a distinctly Celtic Path.

Divining Sacred Sites one day course 2016
Discover the unseen world of subtle energy, learn the skill of using brass 'L' shaped rods (and you'll keep these) to identify the magic energy lines and nodes of the ancestral temples.

Woodland Meitheal
We seek the strong, fit and willing to assist in our development project. This is about outdoor manual work - sturdy boots and work gloves and some practical work experience is needed. Open to subscribed members only.

Full Moon Ceremonies 2016
Join us in ritual ceremony to honour the Full Moon and feel what we do for yourself. This is the best way to get an understanding of who we are and what we do - stand in circle with us and know firsthand what we are doing and why.
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Initiation as Dru� Fasach

Initiation as Dru� Fasach

Completion of the 'Online Homestudy course' and or the 3 introductory weekends of 'Becoming a Celtic Druid' will bring you an invitation to Ritual Initiation as a Celtic Druid. These Dru� Fasach Initiations always happen on the Celtic New Year at the Dark Moon of Samhain. This is the day after our High Pilgrimage to Tlachtga, Tara and Sliabh na Callighe. You will join us on the High Pilgrimage for all ceremonies before you can partake in an afternoon Initiation Ceremony the next day. You'll have your own transport and stay with us for 2 nights with a nominal fee e95 for food etc.
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