Dru� Ollamh (druid professor)
To become a Dru� Ollamh you must first successfully complete your training as a Ard Dru�. To attain the level of Dru� Ollamh you are required to join us in a 'Teaching the Teacher' weekend workshop at Druidschool (usually held after Samhain).

This is the teacher / instructor level where you train in techniques to share the core concepts or framework of the Celtic Path as given by Ireland�s Druidschool. The framework for holding awareness is now expanded so that you can publicly profess your connection and teach the basis of a true Celtic Path. A series of Notes for Reference are used to structure this workshop - and you will have a full copy.
As an Dru� Ollamh you will have responsibilities to teach / guide those who seek to find and walk the Celtic Path. Your personal connection to your own Path empowers you to provide assistance by bringing Light into the darkness that sometimes surrounds others. Your intention is to work on core issues seeking to help others harmonise or re-balance the cause of difficult life path situations. You are not put under obligation to do any of this community work but it is our intention to train you in the skills so that you can 'do it' if and when required - Spirit will call you when you are ready for this work.
From your early studies and practice as a Dru� Fasach you will work and live with the Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic Path. The Dru� Ollamh will see the Three Realms reflected in the Three Cauldrons and will hold private and private sacred ceremony to the Full and Dark Moons and to the Eightfolds of the Sun�s year.

As a Dru� Ollamh you will have responsibilities to safe guard the Path and to guide those who seek to find and walk the Path. Your personal connection to your own Path empowers you to advise others that the Celtic Path is not a pick-n-mix option and by your own serious dedication you inspire others to focus and build determination before they set out on their own personal journey of self transformation.

A major responsibility of the Dru� Ollamh is in dismantling old and current anti-druid propaganda and replacing it with the Light of Truth. This balancing is done at appropriate times but especially when asked directly. You will have our support to host a a Celtic Pagan Moot. You will encourage seekers to allow the guide to help them to find the Path while telling them �be sure to follow the Path and not the guide�.

You will be on our public listing for referrals as a professor of the druid path. There will be a special Initiation Ceremony here at Druidschool attended by all senior Dru�.

Further information
Details of arrangements - Fees E200 - dates available only to Ard Dru� who have completed all the training courses available to Dru� Dalta� and Dru� Fasach and Ard Dru�.
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