Dru� Fasach (druid of knowledge)
This course level is available only to Dru� Dalta� (student druids) who have completed either the 11 step online course and / or the 3 'Becoming a Celtic Druid' weekends and have been Initiated as a Dru� Fasach (druid of knowledge) and is now ready to begin training as Ard Dru� (Arch Druid).

As a Dru� Fasach walking your talk and committed to continued self development in your life through spiritual alchemy you are encouraged to make a triple pilgrimage to 3 special places in Ireland on your own. This pilgrimage is devotional in that you will have a focused purpose of intention and different things to do at each location. This will be agreed beforehand with your instructor and you will take time to allow the experience to make its impact before making any report. Such a solitary triple pilgrimage to selected sacred sites compliments and connects all the work previously done on the Triplicities of the Path - meaning the 3 Realms, 3 Cauldrons and the 3 symbols you use to links them all up.

You will visit a holy well, a broadleaf forest and an ancient monument in Ireland. At each site you will do your Celtic Cross of Light, the Blessing to the Three Realms and the Filling of the Three Cauldrons and then meditate on the Spirit of Place. Your intention is to seek guidance or awareness appropriate to your Path at this time. There is no fee for this course, but you are expected to share your understanding / experience after each of the Three Pilgrimages. More info only to Dru� Fasach who are ready.
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