Celt, Greek and then Roman
Ancient Europe's Celt, Greek and Roman cultures
Ancient Europe can be seen as having three major cultures: Celt, Greek and then Roman. We are told that the Celts, through their intellectual class of Druids did not write about themselves. However the Romans and the Greeks did write about themselves and about Celtic Druidism, which they both sought to destroy and replace. They provide us with two groups of opinions on the Druids of Europe and these opinions differ substantially.

As the Path of the Celtic Druid is being rediscovered there is a stream of expression that is romantic and appeals to the dreamer in us, but this diverts us from the full and true expression of the Cosmic Tradition. Celtic Druidism was not a religion in the modern sense - so it did not have a priest hood, but this need may evolve and engender a new Pagan Celtic Church in time to come. Celtic Druidism is the ancient spiritual tradition of Ireland, it roots lie in the oldest temples in this island where many from Druidschool still honour the Solar and Lunar cycles. Celtic Druidism is a spiritual path to gaining and holding inner Light and expressing your higher self. This path does not lead anywhere but as a Celtic Druid you have to walk it all the time as you connect to the ancestral ways and the Three Realms. Walking this path is only possible by being balanced and in your centre. To be in your centre is to achieve a �balance� between thinking and intuiting. It is only in your centre that you can discover and express your magical higher self. Being in this balance means being in the godlike awareness we call the 'Witness'. This is where to hold your awareness � i.e. �turned on� and in balance.

Finding the switch is your first real challenge and this is best accomplished by research, evaluation and practice. This is the Celtic Way of Being and the Druidschool Teachings of the modern path has recognizable stages. This should not be confused with distinct separate steps � these stages will overlap and interact with each other and each part of each stage (i.e. begin, middle, end) may have random peaks and valleys as you set out on your adventure into the higher realms of �Being Celtic in the Cosmic Tradition�. The spiritual way is self-transformation - to be reborn into a new you. As Celtic Druids we see it as �Lights on and Shiny� and call the technique � Spiritual Alchemy and our Training Courses do this by taking you into the subtle energy realms of the invisible world for realtime training. See Courses for more information.
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