Dru� Breitheamh (druid brehon/judge)
This title carrys huge responsibility to determine the truth in cases of dispute and criminal activities. Known mostly today as a Brehon - he or she would not seek to make 'laws' but to determine the intention and effect of acts that deprive others of their God given rights. The laying of a prohibition of communication within our Celtic Community also known as a Geis may be the most serious response to wrong doing that a Dru� Breitheamh may pronounce at this time.

The gold torc in the picture below is seen as the Brehons Torc and upon making a false judgement it would tighten around the neck of the Brehon thereby encouraging only true judgements. The 13th string on the Harp has a similar purpose it too would tighten if false judgement was made. Today; respect from your peers and from those you'd seek to serve is the measure used to determine valid judgements.
The office of Dru� Breitheamh is a position of honour attained by persons resulting from much deliberation and careful thought. The holder of the title Dru� Breitheamh would have held the title and office of Dru� Ollamh before being recognized. This is a very specialized position with high responsibilities and consequently may only be held by a Dru� of senior years. We do not offer training for this office as there is need for adapting the ancient laws to modern times while using the core principles as respected by Fenechas, Brehon / Gael Law, the laws of the land tiller.

Currently, responsibility for this office is held by the three Ard Dru� of the Tribann of Ord na Dru�, who when required sit in council for deliberations. Advice and council is sought from the World Druid Order when the situation requires input from senior experience. It is hoped that Dru� from within this island will hold this office individually and be able to devote time and energy to revision and thereby give suitable council and appropriate solutions for situations in these modern times.

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Details of arrangements - available only to Dru� Ollamh who have completed all the training courses available.
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