The 'Coming of Age' rite of passage is very important as it has great and beneficial influence for those who partake in it. These Coming of Age ceremonies celebrate the passing of boys into manhood and girls into womanhood. Usually set for when they celebrate their 17th or 18th birthday but this can change as each person is very individual. A main focus in the ceremony is reminding each young person of the importance of their Celtic heritage and their responsibilities to their culture and our ancient ways - to honour the Gods, respect elders, protect the poor, respecting the land, protecting Nature and to do no harm to any living creature.

I can happily work with you to design a suitable ceremony with you for your young adult where each has words / oath to speak and show simple ways to share mutual respect to each other and to the Gods as well as the giving of the all suitable important symbol for a young man or woman. Usual practice is that one or more males may take this step together just as one or more females may take this step together but it is not standard practice to have young men / women to do this ceremony at the same time. The preferred symbol for males is the Sword and for females it is the Chalice - these can be loaned out for the ceremony from us and some male and female Celtic costumes can also be made available for a small donation. This ceremony can be modified to suit individual preferences.

It is expected that you visit here midweek to chat, agree a ceremony and do rehearsals. Ard Dru� Con will work with males and Ard Dru� Niamh will work with females. When the actual ceremony is held here in the Celtic Roundhouse - Temple Crom, the expected donation is E120. If asked to travel to your venue all expenses must be covered. More info -

The Celtic Pagan Oath
We honour the idea of Gods and Goddesses as the Source of all Creation.
We celebrate the Gaelic Pagan Festivals on the cycles of the Sun and Moon.
We acknowledge the inherent lifeforce in all things.

Celtic Druid's Blessings
The Ard Dru� facilitator will perform the Celtic Druid's Cross of Light and give the Blessing to the Three Realms which connect us to the Sky, Sea and Land. This is explained and demonstrated by the Ard Dru� and the whole group can perform it, if so wished. It is a series of movements coordinated with the breath and some Irish words. It's focus is to harmonise and enrgise the aura of the person/group performing it and sends a blessing to the three realms of Sky, Sea and Land. This is how we start all of our ceremonies.
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