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A Modern Druidschool

J.K. Rowling has an awful lot to answer for. Her wonderful inspirational novels have encouraged many children to read her magical tales and the reading of such stories has caused the imagination to flourish in the minds of these impressionable young people. However, a major stereotyping mistake is found in the name 'Hogworts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' - because it is implied that only boys are Wizards and only girls can be Witches. But, today we have male and female witches, male and female wizards, male and female shamans and of course - male and female druids. In Hogworts; both boys and girls learn the same Craft in the same classroom, even though it is implied that girls are all witches and that boys are all wizards.

Today, when someone on their path uses the term witch, wizard, shaman or druid, they are talking about similar paths of awareness that are definitely not gender based. In the distant past, those that the Romans called 'Druids' did not use the word druid to describe themselves at all. Most linguists see 'Druid' as cognate with a Greek word meaning 'an oak'. Some Celtic linguists have derived its root as an intensive particle with a second part meaning 'to know', this together says - those whose knowledge is very great. Another translation is 'those familiar with the oak'. (The Druids, Nora K Chadwick, pg 12-16). Here we have the Romans using a Greek word to describe the native magicians and philosophers of Gaul (France) in an unflattering manner for political reasons. My own understanding is that the word druid was designed and used as a putdown. It is as if the Romans were saying that these "druids" were having sex with trees and doing other abominable practices and therefore they must be destroyed.

The modern equivalent putdown that is used by today's politicos is the phrase 'tree hugger'. Today's governments dismiss the grass roots urge to respect Nature and protect the environment as not being compatible with the desire of the majority for commercial progress by identifying the activists as 'eco-warriors involved in tree-hugging'. But this has now come full circle, because those who plant, care for and learn to know and hug trees are 'today's druids'. This is because trees are the terra-formers of this planet we live on. Trees make the Air, Water and Earth and to know this is to be awake to the connectedness of all that is. Looking closely at most of today's conventional schools, we see that they teach our minds to only think along qualified lines, primarily programming us for jobs as robots in the system.

For some strange reason it is almost acceptable for girls to have an intuitive awareness, but boys are frowned upon if they display such 'silly ideas'. But even those girls who develop this intuitive awareness naturally are not encouraged to use it in school where only thinking is glorified. So, it can be understood that the modern educational process is designed primarily to create what we at Druidschool call lop-sided thinkers who only use the left hemisphere of their brains, in shorthand, left brainers. There are also right brainers i.e. those who try to rely exclusively on intuiting to the exclusion of thinking. We would suggest that to be only left or only right brained is to deny yourself access to the completeness of yourself and that too much left brain (thinking) or too much right brain (intuiting) does not for a balanced person make...We would even go a stage further and suggest that most people have only had a conventional left-brain (thinking) education and therefore even though they are not aware of it, the majority of the "educated" people in Ireland today are in fact "lop-sided". But, many of these lop-sided people secretly feel their magical (intuitive) side desperately calling out for acknowledgement and expression.

This is why JK has sold so many children's books that were hungrily consumed by adults. This is also one of the reasons why the pagan paths of the witch and the druid are now attracting so many new people - our magical side demands expression. Today at Druidschool, we offer Druidism as a Celtic Path for men and women who wish to know themselves, to know where they came from, to connect with and activate their incarnational potential, to discover the secrets of the universe, to understand Love, to express their magical side, to be happily at One with the Source.

With the inner stillness and peace of the "druid path" you can once again connect with God/Goddess as you dissolve any illusions of separation. As a Druid you have direct access to the spiritual realm, no intermediary is ever needed to pray, meditate or to gain wisdom. Your Spiritual Heritage is a Being of Light: a Shining One. A Druidschool we reckon that this may be achieved by balancing the activities of the thinking and intuitive minds and by being above them in the higher mind i.e. the godlike awareness we call the 'Witness'. Most of our activities visit sacred sites, which can encourage this balance while also assisting you to "turn your lights on and up full". The activities of Druidschool create magical space showing you how to hold your left-right balance to gain the skills of a modern Druid. Then its up to you to hold your own balance and practice this skill to gain proficiency.

Public outdoor Ceremonies are held throughout the Eightfold Solar Year at Newgrange for the Winter Solstice, the Hill of the Witches (Loughcrew) for Imbolg and Samhain, Summerhill for both Equinoxes, Lyons Hill for Lughnasa and Bealtine and the Hill of the Fair Gods (Knockavinidee) for the Summer Solstice. The Temples of the Tuatha De Dannan's Eightfold Solar Year all connect to the Sunrise over Lambay Island, which is a small dormant volcano off the coast at Rush. The Summer Solstice on Tallaght Hill has magnificent views over "me jewel and darling Dublin" to the Volcano that is only awe-inspiring. Ceremony for the New (Dark) Moon is held in a circle of mature oak trees beside a small river on the southern slope of Sacred Mt.Seefin.

But the Ceremony that is probably the most important to us is the "Ritual of Protection" held at Tara every Full Moon. This Fire Ceremony is open to all who wish to protect Tara from the 'brown envelopers' and the "Ritual of Protection" will be held every month throughout the year on the Full Moon from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. You would be very welcome to attend and help us release the Light at Tara once again.
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