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Summer Solstice Sunrise

This is the summertime counterpart of the winter solstice sunrise temple at the Br� or Newgrange. The fantastic feat of engineering at Newgrange is surpassed on Tallaght Hill and a much greater awareness of the intelligence and abilities of our ancestors comes to light.

But this is not all that HAG has discovered. By applying rediscovered ancient wisdom we have identified up to 24 possible "new" monuments in the hills of South Dublin. Some of these have been visited by the State Archaeologist, and are now included as National Monuments in the Sites and Monuments Records (SMR) for the county. These discoveries are made possible by combining the state maps, map dowsing, site dowsing and intuition. Photography is also used and all photos are carefully studied and usually this suggests taking photos from different angles or with more appropriate equipment. Druidschool would be very interested in bringing someone with UV capable cameras to the Solar Temple at the Summer Solstice on Tallaght Hill to capture the natural laser beam from the side. The photos above are of the pond from 800 yards away, about 2 degrees off centre so as not to be in the UV laser beam. The builders of this temple constructed a clay mound (4-5 degrees off centre) to monitor the event in safety.

For our members, we often provide lectures and slide shows, workshops and field trips, a forum for discussion, group visits to special sites, and an opportunity to be with like-minded people. The Solstice Vigil is for members only and must be booked in advance, especially if accommodation is required. Browse these pages for more information. HAG/Druidschool is non-denominational, and avoids other silly restrictions, but all members must at all times take full responsibility for their own personal safety. Membership is dependent on this.
About HAG

Druidschool has evolved from the activities of HAG. This is shorthand for Heritage Awareness Group, which has been involved in the rediscovery of our heritage and in its protection since 1993. What follows is the history of HAG���.

About HAG

This group is about the monuments, the legends, the myths, the folklore, and our spiritual awareness. We are rediscovering the awe and respect that the Ancient Inhabitants of Ireland had for the oneness of all life, for the forces that flow from the earth, sun, moon and the stars. Forces which where tangible to our ancestors and of which they partook as a birthright, they still flow and are now being reclaimed as our birthright by HAG. We are a club of like-minded people who are focusing their consciousness to the Light.
Druidschool offers membership to everyone that accepts our Aims and Objectives and that takes full responsibility for their own safety at all times. We hold one day Events throughout the year which are offered at low cost to our members, these Events visit Sacred Sites and seek to establish connection with our Spirit and the Genus Loci or Spirit of the Place. Every year at the Summer Solstice we hold an All Night Vigil for three nights on the 'Hill of the Fair Gods' as we watch the Solar Disk rise over the Volcano in Dublin Bay...beautiful and inspiring, this experience transcends time.
The Lost Magic of Ireland's Stone Age

In 1993 members of HAG rediscovered a huge alignment of ancient monuments on top of Tallaght Hill. This discovery constitutes a solar temple of incredible significance.

This discovery generated much further research and has resulted in a Celtic Druid's Calendar Map showing the Eightfold Solar Year from the times of the Tuatha De Danann. To purchase copies of the Druid's Calendar as shown below - please see the side menu bar.
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