MEATH Co. Council was to invite Pope John Paul II to light the paschal fire
on the Hill of Tara as part of his proposed visit to Ireland in 2005.


After the Council of Nicea (Turkey) in CE 325 - most Christians agreed that
Easter should first have a Fast, with some connection to the Full Moon that
falls in the Jewish month of Nisan. But there was a dislike by Christians to
setting a date based on calculations by Jewish priests. It was decided to
link Christ's resurrection to the solar year and to Caesar's calendar by
using the spring equinox to anchor a date to celebrate Easter. This means
that Easter will fall on the first Sunday after the Full Moon after the
Equinox but not on the start of the Jewish Passover. But Caesar's calendar
was off by 11 minutes each year, which means loosing one full day every 128
years. This is false time - which disconnects us from true sidereal time.
Modern day Catholic Astronomers (who are aware of true time i.e. sidereal
time) have devised the following 14-step algorithm -

A = year%19

B = year/19

C = year%100

D = b/4

E = b%4

F = (b+8) / 25

G = (b - f + 1) / 3

H = (19* a + b - d - g +15)%30

I = c/4

K = c%4

L = (32 + 2 * e + 2 * I - h - k)%7

M = (a + 11 * h + 22 * l)/451

Easter Month = (h + l - 7 * m + 114)/31 [3 = March, 4 = April}

P = (h + l - 7 * m + 114)%31

Easter date = p + 1 (date in Easter Month)

/ = division neglecting the remainder

% = division keeping only the remainder

* = multiply

Quoted from the book - The Calendar by David Ewing Duncan ISBN 1-85702-979-8

As a Druid I am not able to celebrate any event based upon such bizarre
calculations constructed outside of true sidereal time by those who actually
know what true sidereal time is. This designer time has disenfranchised the
world for many hundreds of years by creating false time with its synthetic
holographic projection disconnecting us from the cycles of Nature.

I work with the cycle of the Sun celebrating the Spring Equinox when the Sun
returns to 0 degrees of Aries. When the Moon is full I hold a "Ritual of
Protection" on Tara to save Tara. I welcome Fires lit by other people if
their intention is pure and they use sacred wood if they wish to protect
Tara. All said - it is (in my opinion) highly unlikely that any Pope would
wish to save or even acknowledge Tara in any way because it was / is a place
of pagan worship.


Most of the "civilised" world has lived with the false time of the Roman Catholic Calendar for many hundreds of years. In so doing they are automatically disconnected from true time which astrologers call sidereal time. Right now we are in what the church calls the End of Days and it may just be that their illusion of time and their control of the masses by their fear based dogma is about to dissolve as humans step in to the Light once again.

It may be hard to realise but the false time of the church dominated calendar has many quaint ideas. The favourite is midnight - which when most people are asked "when is midnight?" they reply 12 at night. But the Sun sets at 11:30 and rises at about 4:30 on the Summer Solstice (Ireland) so in the middle of Summer - midnight is about 2:30am. Even harder to realise is that there is not a single day in the year that has exactly 24 hours and no more or less. Even the most accurate nuclear clocks are adjusted manually every few years to correct them to sidereal time.

The notion of the clocks going back and then forward by an hour each year is a classic example exposing FALSE TIME - this losing / gaining an hour was designed to keep profits up while extracting as much labour for the servant slaves (low waged) with a simple trick... It stands up there with the notion that every four years there is an extra day... leap over that one...

As Celtic Druids we watch the passage of the Sun through the heavens with the Belt of the Zodiac as its backdrop or dial. We also know that this Earth and our Solar System inside this Zodiac is also shifting in an even bigger time cycle. The Eightfold Solar Year of our most ancient ancestors is written in the landscape with the alignment of temples over the Volcano called Lambay Island to Light from the Sun and Moon rise. (This also includes Venus). The Celtic Druid's Calendar is sidereal time connecting to the temples and cannot be changed by the wishes of any man.
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