The Modern Celtic Druid

A Celtic Druid is one who has the keys for you to become a druid.

A druid may help you recall that that you are already a druid and therefore happy and at One with the Source or God / Goddess.

This is the deepest of truth and it is the only true role of a druid.

Celtic Druidism is a path to knowing yourself, to know where you came from, to connect with and activate your incarnational potential, to discover the secrets of the universe, to understand Love, to be happily at One with the Source.

With the inner stillness and peace of the Celtic Druid Path you can once again connect with God as you dissolve any illusions of separation.

We all know the truth of Oneness, it is just that we have forgotten it.

The Path of the Celtic Druid is a way to remember our purpose, why we must practice meditation and why we must find the Light and dispel the Darkness.

As a Celtic Druid you have direct access to the three realms of Sky, Land and Sea, no intermediary is ever needed to pray, meditate or to gain wisdom.

Everything, every place and everyone is sacred because all is filled with the spirit of creation.

To hold your conscious as a Celtic Druid; you may find help from using the following code �

Love Life

Honour the Gods

Do no Evil

Practice Bravery

Seek Wisdom
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