Ireland and the Protection of Tara
On the Island of Ireland and the Protection of Tara
2nd February 2004
Ireland's Druidschool, as an organisation, stands for freedom of association and assembly for spiritual and religious practice on the entire island of Ireland for both natives and visitors when based on the law of mutual support and preservation of all beings. This we know to be a natural right of expression for all. Under Article 9 of The European Convention on Human Rights, each has the right �to manifest ones religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance�, this we do, and intend to maintain for future generations, by undertaking profound and deeply spiritual practices on sacred sites throughout Ireland. Our practise follows the Eightfold Solar Wheel of the year, allowing for the acknowledgement and celebration of nature and the Earth, through which the Deity manifests and is an inalienable right under the Convention. In light of this, an essential element of our work is free and full access to all the sacred and spiritual sites in Ireland, in order that we may undertake our spiritual practise. However, and although the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms has been ratified by the Government of Ireland, the Government of Ireland has failed as yet to embody the Convention within the national law of Ireland, therefore we now invoke the contents of same. As our practise, both ancient and modern, has been conducted on this island since time immemorial, we would have preferred the option of invoking our rights under BUNREACHT NA h EIREANN, the Constitution of Ireland, however the preamble alone poses difficulties for certain of our members, and as such cannot protect their rights.

Ireland's Druisdchool supports responsible progress and the betterment of life for all beings, however development and progress must be considered in light of the impact that any action may have now, and in the future upon the land and the people of Ireland.
We are very concerned about the multiple threats presently facing the ancient monument complex on the Hills of Tara and Skryne and their Landscape Setting. We can see that bureaucratic forces are quietly phasing in these multiple threats over a number of years. It is our intention to protect the integrity of Tara from profiteering and commercialisation. We oppose any and all infrastructure developments that may damage the cultural and spiritual integrity of Tara, whether by way of road building, or management proposals to facilitate the potential creation of any �theme park� at Tara. The accompanying support paper further expands upon these issues.
We are now seeking worldwide support for a �time freeze� centred on the Mound of the Hostages at Tara within a three-mile radius. This �time freeze� prohibits any and all development of toll-road motorway / roundabout / major commercial development from even being considered within this circle. It will also maintain the existing free unrestricted access to the sacred temples on the Hill of Tara while preserving direct access from Tara to the River Boyne.
We would ask that those entitled to initiate the process for World Heritage Status, should do so in respect of this �time freeze� zone.

We hold regular Solar Ceremonies at Tara, which are based upon key points in the Eightfold Solar Year. We also hold regular Full Moon Ceremonies at Tara. Public assembly for spiritual practice by Solar and Lunar Ceremony at Tara, at any time of the day or night, has always been and should always be open and free of charge.
Druids from every country in the world are invited to assist and support the protection of Tara. This is our position on the Island of Ireland - look to the Protection of Tara.
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