Celtic New Year LUNAR SAMHAIN 02 - 03
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Lunar Samhain 2002 � 2003

This year, the Lunar Samhain starts the Celtic New Year on Saturday, the 25th of October 2003, when the Dark Moon lines up with Lambay Volcano and the four ring ceremonial enclosure at Tlachtga. Tlachtga is the name of an Earth Energy Goddess from pre-Celtic times and her main temple is named after her. This is the temple for the Festival of Death and Rebirth when all fires were extinguished so that a pure new flame could be created at the most Sacred Temple to the Goddess. This sacred flame was created on Tlachtga when the dark aspect of the Moon connects the leaking energies of Lambay Volcano to Tlachtga and then this sacred flame was brought by boat on the River Boyne to Tara of the Kings. It was from Tara that our ancestors got their new sacred fire to bring back home to the tribe / clan, but this sacred flame was first created after sunset on Tlachtga and then brought to Tara.

This knowledge was lost to us because its writers - the scribes of the Catholic Church, wrote the goddess out of history. Today the Samhain Festival is commonly celebrated by the general public (mostly members of the Catholic Church) on the first night of November regardless of the Moons aspect where the focus is to try to scare ghosts away. The Solar Samhain is when the Sun is at 10* of Scorpio and this year this happens on Monday, the 3rd of October but the even Solar Samhain was displaced by the catholic celebrations on the first of November. The most important lost truth is that when St. Patrick lit his fire on the Lunar Samhain, it caused the gathering at Tara to turn their gaze 90* North away from Tlachtga (which was where they expected the fire to see the fire) to look at a fire on Slane. This turning of the gaze put the magical realms to the outer edge of vision where they have stayed for over 1500 years.

Patrick then came and did magic that impressed the Royal gathering on Tara. Today, as if thumbing the holy nose at us, there are statues of St Patrick on Slane and on Tara and both have their backs turned to Tlachtga. This is not accidental, just as the un-blindfolded statue of imperial justice in Dublin Castle has her back turned to those outside the castle. Today there is no statue of any kind on Tlachtga, the ancient temple of the festival of the dead. Maybe this is because the church conspires to hide the central temple of the old ways by making it a non-place. This large magical hill has a crossroads on its summit; a windmill and the usual expected council water poisoning fluoridation plant as well as the biggest four ring ceremonial enclosure in the whole of Ireland.

To get a quality evaluation of the importance of Tlachtga you will need to know / imagine the actual area as it was in the Days of the Goddess. Tlachtga is located on the Hill of Ward, just one mile east of Athboy and twelve miles west of Tara in County Meath. This Dark Moon over Lambay Volcano alignment also includes Tara before it connects with Tlachtga. Hidden in the village of Athboy, we find that the Yellow Ford River, which connects to the River Boyne, was the main inter-connector highway that flows from Tlachtga to Tara. A double canoe with a platform in the middle travels fast on these two rivers and only steering / punting is required to make rapid progress. The Yellow Ford River used to go through the (new) town common (Athboy) with its tree ringed ceremonial circle and many episodes of Irish History were played out here. It was a border control outpost for the landscape setting of the Temples of the Goddess. It was Tara for the secular, Tailte for the sporting and Tlachtga for the sacred activity centres.

The high king held court at Tara, received the pure flame from Tlachtga and he was shown respect by the numbers who would gather for sporting festivals he declared on Tailte. When the landscape setting is better understood we can see that Tlachtga is the highest point in an area surrounded by big rivers on three sides. The important clustering of ancient temples on Sliabh na Callaighe (the Hills of the Hag at Loughcrew) secured the north west border and this makes it a kind of island. Standing on Tlachtga on a clear day allows views in all directions and the mountains in the north and in Wicklow to the south are distinctly visible on the horizon.

On the southern slopes of Tlachtga there is a well. This may be the Druids Well from the local folklore stories. It is an immersion well in the water table of a long valley. Its strong magical use / power has survived to today as a Druids Well eluding renaming by the church as part of its disappearing the "old ways" strategy. The sacred lake beside Temple Cuimhneas (the Church of Remembrance) has been filled in by a farmer in recent times with farming chemical barrels etc but it is still recognisable and may be restored as a lake someday as is now happening to the holy wells at Tara. In the glorious days of mystical Ireland before the church, Tlachtga was very important because of its location on a hill that aligns with the leaking energies of Lambay Volcano in Dublin Bay. When the Dark Moon aligns with Tlachtga, Tara and the Volcano, the background star constellation is the Water sign of Scorpio. This alignment is at exactly 10* of Scorpio and this happens this year for the Lunar Samhain on the 25th of October 2003 at about one o'clock in the morning.

Our ancestors would celebrate this exact alignment with ritual and ceremony to honour death and rebirth. This year is extremely special in that we have a multiple planetary alignment activating Tlachtga / Tara at Noon to Midnight on the 25th of October. This year 02-03 the multiple astronomical alignment at noon on the 25th of October is when the Sun is at 01* 39' Scorpio, the Dark Moon at 01* 09' Scorpio, Mercury at 01* 43' Scorpio, Venus at 19* 33* Scorpio with a supporting trine from Mars at 05* 01 in Pisces. These are the personal planets, the visible ones - the family. Twelve hours after the midday alignment the Moon moves to a position of 10* of diverting the multiple vortex of combined planetary vibrations to Tlachtga. At midday on the 25th of October, realise that the Moon and Mercury make a straight line from the Sun at one degree in Scorpio to Tlachtga. At one in the morning of the 25th of October, the Dark Moon lines up with Lambay Volcano and Tara and 10* in Scorpio to send the combined energies to Tlachtga.

If you are on Tlachtga at one in the morning of the 25th of October and you face 108* east of north you are looking over Tara, past the Volcano, through the Dark Moon to 10* of Scorpio. This is the exact centre of the Celtic Lunar Year when Muach, Cumma and Doirb, the sons of Tlachtga have their names called out loud as protectors of the Light. In magical terms - this is a royal visit from the family of planetary gods to the temple of Tlachtga at the start of the Celtic New Year. The first to arrive at the 10* alignment wormhole is Venus in the early afternoon on the 18th of October. She is the daughter of the gods casting her own Light and Shadow on Earth and she will grace the temple with a three-day visit on the weekend before the Moon Goddess activates the Lunar Samhain. On the 25th, the day the Moon Goddess visits Tlachtga, Mercury, the messenger of the God, sits with the Sun at 1* of Scorpio. At noon on the 25th, the Moon, Mercury and the Sun have a close family get together, then the Moon in her dark aspect aligns with the volcano and Tara to activate Tlachtga at one o' clock in the night of the 25th. By sunrise on the 26th the Moon has left. On Wednesday the 30th of October, Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods declares the imminent arrival of the Solar Godhead and oversees preparations with further instructions and leaves the next day. On Moonday, the 3rd of October, the Solar God directs his presence from 10* of Scorpio over the Volcano, over Tara and on to Tlachtga.

These visits / activations are given a gift of supporting energy by a Trine from Mars in Pisces. This visitation by the full family of personal planetary gods to the magical alignment from 10* of Scorpio to Tlachtga seldom occurs. The ceremony on Tlachtga at the Lunar Samhain has the solar energy being captured at sunset and a pure flame ritually created, this rebirths the dead sun on the dark of the moon. There is no direct or reflected solar input to the temples. This new fire is the essence of the Solar Godhead and is central to magic of the times and for temple activation. The pure virgin flame is brought down the River Boyne, past where Bective Abbey now stands, past Trim Castle and Churches to within a mile of Tara. The avenue of approach from the nearest part of the Boyne suggests that the monument at Tara called the Banqueting Hall (which is in fact a double bank alignment) was / is the ritual entrance to Tara for the return of sacred fire to the assembled multitudes. This cursus is a substantial high-banked approach avenue to the temple called the Rath of the Synods.

This Rath is a transitional temple from the old ways to the catholic way and is probably built on top of Tara�s' main temple of fire. On the Solar and Lunar Samhain in 2002, members of Druidschool under guidance from Con Connor with local people from the Rathcairn Gaeltacht and Athboy Heritage Group, performed a Ceremony of Reactivation at Tlachtga. As part of the Summer Solstice celebrations at Tara this year 2003, Con performed a Ceremony of Air for a group of about 50 people at the Rath of the Synods. Its position as a transitional temple was announced and it was re-dedicated as a Temple of the Light again.

This Lunar Samhain, the 25th of October those that can should gather at the Rath of the Synods on Tara on the 25th facing Tlachtga (look 72* west of north) hoping and expecting pure flame from the temple of death and rebirth at Tlachtga. It is intended to create pure fire after sunset on the Lunar Samhain on Saturday 25-10-03. Its creators will bring this pure fire to Tara so you can light your candle at Tara from pure flame created at Tlachtga, the temple of the Goddess. This has not happened for a long long time, but now the Goddess calls us back to her - it is time once again for the magic of Light.
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