Festival of Death and Rebirth

The Celtic New Year starts on the Dark Moon of Samhain. This timing of the dark (i.e. new, but not visible) moon to start the new year marks a time of no direct solar or reflected lunar input, thereby requiring the Earth Goddess to give birth in her own right / rite to the new year. All the fires in the whole of Ireland were extinguished and the Druids at Tlachtga (12 miles west of Tara) generated new pure flame. This pure flame was then brought to Tara where, after the High King, the representatives of the tribes and clans could get pure new fire to bring back to their people.

The turning of the Gaze When St. Patrick lit his famous fire on Slane Hill he caused the gathering at Tara to turn their gaze 90* North away from Tlachtga (where had they expected to see the fire) to look to a fire on Slane Hill. This turning of the gaze put the magical and spiritual realms to the outer edge of vision where they have stayed for 1500 years. This is about to change once again, because modern Irish Druids will create pure flame at Tlachtga and then bring this pure flame to Tara. An incredible alignment At noon on Saturday the 25th of October 2003, Tlachtga, Tara and Lambay Volcano align up with a gathering of the Sun, the Dark Moon and Mercury from the 2* in the constellation of Scorpio.

After sunset, a pure new flame will be created at Tlachtga and then brought to Tara. This activation progresses at midnight when the Dark Moon has moved to align over Lambay Volcano, aligning with 10* of Scorpio, disconnecting the flow of energies to the Hill of the Witches while the sun is on the other side of the Earth. In magical terms From the 11th of Oct there is a royal visit from the family of planetary gods and stars to three temples. The first to arrive bringing light is Venus on Saturday the 11th of Oct when the Druids Well at Tlachtga is to be restored by a hands on clean up. She is the twin of Earth and daughter of the gods casting light and shadow upon us and she will grace Tlachtga with a three-day visit. On Saturday, the 18th Oct, Venus has moved to 10* of Scorpio attracting a blessing over Lambay Volcano to the Hill of the Witches. Then, at noon on the 25th, the Dark Moon Goddess with Mercury and the Sun have a close family get together at 2* of Scorpio making an alignment over Lambay Volcano to Tlachtga where pure flame is created and then taken to Tara. Then, later that night - the Dark Moon moves to 10* Scorpio, over Lambay Volcano to the Hill of the Witches at around two o' clock in the morning. By sunrise on the 26th, the Dark Moon has left. On Wednesday the 30th of Oct, Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods, declares the imminent arrival of the Solar Godhead and oversees preparations with further instructions and then leaves the next day. On Monday, November the 3rd, the Solar God directs his presence from 10* of Scorpio over Lambay Volcano to the Hill of the Witches. These visits are however, given supporting energy by a gift of a trine from Mars at 5* in Pisces on the 25th.

Celtic Fire Festival of Death and Rebirth
These personal planets are visible ones and they are on a royal visit to Meath, calling on us and sending us a blessing. This is future myth being created over partially forgotten temples of the Celtic Age. We know which evening, which planets, satellites and stars and which astrological constellations are to be involved. We know the names of our magical ancestors who held ancient ceremony at Tlachtga for the protection of Ireland and of the Light. This Lunar Samhain we will experience an ancient tradition being reborn.
At sunset on Saturday, modern Celtic Druids will conduct ritual ceremony in Irish and create a pure new flame while evoking the Earth Goddess Tlachtga to hold back the wheel of time and asking her three sons Muach, Cumma and Doirb to stand guard over the land and the Light.
Pure flame will be brought from Tlachtga to Tara within two hours of sunset. Those gathering on Tara at the Rath of the Synods after sunset will be able to light sacred candles to symbolically re-ignite and rebirth the spiritual self again for the true start of the Celtic New Year.
This Celtic Lunar Year is centred on 1:59am on Saturday night. The Dark Goddess disconnects Lambay Volcanic energies from visiting the Hill of the Witches. Then She moves on - then, maybe the rising Sun will generate the magnetic field again, looping the volcano back in and turning the energy grid of the temples of the Tuatha De Dannan back on again�
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