The following dates are when Druidschool holds ritual ceremony to honour the Full Moon

The list of Lunar Ceremonies is for 2005 in the current era and all full moon ceremonies by Druidschool will be held on Tara at 8ish, Irish time.

Tuesday 25 Jan (Leo)
Thursday 24 Feb (Virgo)
Friday 25 Mar (Libra)
Sunday 24 Apr (Scorpio) Eclipse
Monday 23 May (Sagittarius)
Wednesday 22 June (Capricorn) Summer Solstice Full Moon
Thursday 21 July (Capricorn)
Friday 19 Aug (Aquarius)
Sunday 18 Sep (Pisces) Eclipse
Monday 17 Oct (Aries) Eclipse
Wednesday 16 Nov (Taurus)
Thursday 15 Dec (Gemini)
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