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The following dates are when Druidschool holds ritual ceremony to honour the Suns passage through the Eightfolds of the Year as determined by the sunrise alignments over Lambay Island Volcano.

This list of Solar Ceremonies is for 2005 in the current era.

Sun at 10* Aquarius
Sunday 30 January
Ceremony at noon on Tara

Sun at 0* Aries
Sun 20 March
Ceremony at noon on Summerhill

Sun at 10* Taurus
Saturday 30 April
Ceremony at noon on Lyons Hill

Sun at 0* Cancer
Tuesday 21 June
Ceremony at noon on Tara (also Full Moon ceremony after dark)
(multiple ceremony on Tara � see Tara Pilgrimage 2005)

Sun at 10* Leo
Tuesday 2 August
Ceremony at noon on Lyons Hill

Sun 0* Libra
Thursday 22 September
Ceremony at noon on Knockastia

SAMHAIN Solar, (Lunar)
Sun at 10* Scorpio, (Dark Moon at 10* Scorpio)
Wednesday 2 November � Celtic New Year and start of a Great Cycle of Celtic Time
Ceremony at noon on the Hill of the Witches (multiple ceremony 12 noon Sun at the Hill of the Witches, Water Ceremony at Tobar Tlachtga, Fire Ceremony with pure new flame at sunset on Tlachtga, second fire on Tara about 8ish and 12 midnight third fire on third sacred site at the Hill of the Witches.
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