The Path of the Celtic Druid today.
The Path of the Celtic Druid today.

Ancient Europe can be seen as having three major cultures: Celt, Greek and then Roman. We are told that the Celts, through their intellectual class of Druids did not write about themselves. However the Romans and the Greeks did write about themselves and about Celtic Druidism, which they both sought to replace. They provide us with two groups of opinions on the Druids of Europe and these opinions differ substantially.

As the Path of the Celtic Druid is being rediscovered there is a stream of expression that is romantic and appeals to the dreamer in us, but this diverts us from the full and true expression of the Cosmic Tradition. Celtic Druidism was not a religion - so it did not have a priest hood, but this need may evolve and engender a new Pagan Celtic Church in time to come. Religion is a Latin word meaning �to be tied with ligament� � this means to be have something fixed to you or to be held to a set of laws. There was no �sin� in Eire until the coming of the Christians/Catholics. Celtic Druidism is the ancient spiritual tradition of Ireland, it roots lie in the oldest temples in this island where many Druidschool still honours the Solar and Lunar cycles. Celtic Druidism is a spiritual path to gaining and holding inner Light and expressing your higher self. This path does not lead anywhere but as a Celtic Druid you have to walk it all the time as you connect to the ancestral ways and the Three Realms. Walking this path is only possible by being balanced and in your centre. To be in your centre is to achieve a �balance� between thinking and intuiting. It is only in your centre that you can discover and express your magical higher self. Being in this balance means being in the godlike awareness we call the 'Witness'. This is where to hold your awareness � i.e. �turned on� and in balance.

Finding the switch is your first real challenge and this is best accomplished by research, evaluation and practice. Enrolling as a member of Druidschool is easy - you can begin your Pathwork with us by taking Annual Membership Taking our Homestudy course is a positive step to finding a suitable switch. Druidschool�s Courses are designed to help you to turn your switch on. This switching on and staying on is best done by focused magical training on a spiritual path of self-realisation in unity with Nature. This is the Celtic Way of Being and the Druidschool Teachings of the modern path has three recognizable stages. This should not be confused with three distinct separate steps � these three stages will overlap and interact with each other and each part of each stage (i.e. begin, middle, end) may have random peaks and valleys as you set out on your adventure into the higher realms of �Being Celtic in the Cosmic Tradition�. The spiritual way is self-transformation - to be reborn into a new you. As Celtic Druids we see it as �Lights on and Shiny� and call the technique � Spiritual Alchemy and our Training Courses do this by taking you into the subtle energy realms of the invisible world for realtime training.

1. Looking for the Celtic Druid path
This is where as a beginner you can begin to build foundation knowledge of the subtle energy of the Three Realms as you awaken your Celtic Spirit. You may have already begun this awakening with other non-druid self-transformation groups but the Druidschool Workshops are designed to build psychic muscle for all our students. Other training activities of Druidschool are in Ritual Ceremony reactivating sacred sites in line with the passage of the Sun and Moon. You will be involved in simple Celtic Ceremonies during the Workshops and you will know why we develop our psychic and intuitive muscle. You will see the shift to the magic realms in yourself as you gain awareness of the rites of passage into your higher self. This is where you may discover that the whispers of Spirit (that are often called conversation with the holy guardian angel) are actually coming from you. You have the chance to create a framework on which to hang your expanded awareness so that this �new� type of knowledge can begin to make some sort of higher sense. This may be seen as paddling in the surf with your trousers rolled up. Without needing to commit to being a druid, you are all welcome. Choosing to become a student with us by taking our Homestudy Course means you will explore the Path with an open heart.

2. Apprenticed as a Celtic Druid
Now you seek focused training so you can stay on the Celtic Path in a magical dimension. As a student on this path you will seek to gain proficiency with magical tools and skills from a series of activities and courses. You are now consciously influencing your own reality and the invisible realms. This stage begins formally when you present for training in the development of your psychic and intuitive skills. You would choose to be here because you plan to become an Student Druid � in Irish this is �an Dru� Dalta�. No fee is charged to Dru� Dalta for attendance and participation at any Solar or Lunar Ceremonies.

You may attend at Ceremony wearing a �Celtic Mantle� (full cloak), quietly speaking to the Arch Druid of the Dark Moon Grove. You are very much aware that this apprenticeship is to the path and not to a teacher. Your teacher may prod you or guide you but you have to make the progress yourself. You do not expect results by just paying money or collecting certificates but by holding your awareness focus with the high intention of sustaining self-transformation. You begin to learn by seeing (but not judging) others as they struggle through life and by acknowledging your successes as you gain some new mastery over your own life. Your point of perception (or assemblage point) shifts and you see the world through different eyes. This may be seen as swimming in your depth while staying close to the shore. The Workshops at Druidschool involve Rites of Higher Passage and sustaining your passage is supported by attendance at Ritual Ceremony with the Dark Moon Grove. Sun and Moon Ceremonies are held in the Celtic Language of Gaeilge at Sacred Sites, new and old, all year through out the 32 counties of Eire as shown on the �Druidschool Calendar� (see link at end of this page and in Press Releases)

3.Being a Celtic Druid
As a Celtic Druid, you are a spiritual healer, teacher, counsellor and ceremonial leader. You seek to attend Sun and Moon Ritual Ceremonies at sacred sites. You realise that because you have transformed yourself that the world you live in is also transformed � you know you cannot go back to the �old you� even if you wanted to because you keep on shining brighter as you hold the Light. You begin to see that the many different stages of your life have all always been leading to where you are now. You are in balance and at peace with yourself. Books seem to open on the most appropriate page, messages from spirit are clearer, the things you need (as opposed to the things your ego wants) appear with increasing ease, new teachers appear just as you need them, you feel the invisible realm with your entire reality, you have abandoned judgement of self and others as you purge dead emotions and you hold your light quietly to yourself. This may be seen as swimming in the deep oceans and flying in the sky and standing on the earth = pure being in triplicity. This Training with the Dark Moon Grove is about Co-creating at Ritual Ceremony. This stage of your Path as a Celtic Druid means you have honoured the Ancient Eightfold Solar Year and the Thirteen Moonth of the Lunar Year of the Tuatha De Danann. This stage is "Being" a Celtic Druid.

The Celtic Path gives a Druid the keys to become a Celtic Druid. It may help you recall that that you are already a Celt and a Druid and therefore happy and at One with the Source or God / Goddess. This is the deepest of truth and it is probably the only true role of a Celtic Druid. Modern Celtic Druidism is a path to knowing yourself, to know where you came from, to connect with and activate your incarnational potential, to discover the secrets of the universe, to understand Love, to be happily at One with the Source.

With the inner stillness and peace as a Celtic Druid you can once again connect with God and Goddess as you dissolve any illusions of separation. We all know the truth of Oneness, it is just that we have forgotten it. The Celtic Druid path is a way to remember our purpose, why we must practice meditation and why we must find the Light and dispel the Darkness. As a Celtic Druid you have direct access to Ancestral Gods of Ancient Ireland and to the spiritual realm today, no intermediary is ever needed to pray, meditate or to gain wisdom. Everything, every place and everyone is sacred because all is filled with the spirit of creation. To be a conscious Celt and walk the path as a Celtic Druid today you may find help from using the following �

�Code of Celtic Druidism�

Love Life
Honour the Gods
Do no Evil
Practice Bravery
Seek Wisdom

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