SPIRIT RELEASE (Ghost Busting)
There are many circumstances when individuals or families need outside help for the release of a trapped spirit. This is sometimes called Ghost Busting for glamour purposes but this is not the way we work. The unfortunate term implies that the �repair technician� actually bursts or destroys the trapped spirit/memory/imprint. What we at Druidschool actually seek to do is to create circumstances for the easy release and full and proper expression of the trapped energy.

Sometimes the problem can be a memory of a partner who has died or left the relationship but his or her energy is still about the house. Sometimes the problem is that of a young boy or girl who can see and easily connect with the shadow forms of the dead. Sometimes the problem can be negative imprinting (a spell) by a corrupt psychic on an unsuspecting individual. Sometimes the problem can be when a house is built in the �negative aura� of a previous dwelling where serious trauma occurred. Sometimes the problem is a combination of Geostress and Electrosmog and the puberty energy of a teenage boy or girl. A bad spot that is agitated can support 'ghosts or spirits' if a sufficient emotional charge is imprinted into that 'bad spot' and it is supported by a current or currents of disharmonic energy. The is always a geo-pathetic factor involved as this creates the disruption in the harmony of the ether and this in turn facilitates the expression of the �ghost�.

An exorcist from a church may threaten the �ghost� with a more powerful �god� and then engage in fighting the unfortunate spirit � we approach the problem with understanding and Love. The process requires Geostress Balancing first to change the energy field of the building and only then can we begin to help trapped energies to find full and proper expression in the Light.

This service can sometimes be completed in one day and follows the format of Geostress Balancing first and then secondly we do the Spirit Release. For details on Geostress balancing please see above. Two or more �repair technicians� are often required for safety reasons. There can be no guarantees given that this work can be done in one day � all we can offer is to do our level best.

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