This Geostress Balancing service is for both Home and Office harmonising. It is reckoned that under all illnesses there is always a contributing geo-pathetic stress factor. These stagnant or disrupted energies affect us most when we sleep or when we sit at a desk for too long. This Service offers to restore harmony with healthy balance.

The hidden energies of the invisible realm often flow in currents that even today we know of as - the fairy path, the Dragon Path, miasma and black stream. Modern building practices and electromagnetic technologies disrupt the harmony of these invisible energies thereby contributing to illness or diseases. Unfortunately most construction of buildings in Ireland ignores the subtle currents. In Druidschool we avoid saying negative when we speaking of subtle energy - we speak of harmful and healthy energies instead.

These harmful energies 'pass on' their disruption to the environment, to buildings and to people. There is a pulse to the size and shape of the energy current and it changes the intensity and zone of the energy field. A bad spot in a house will become more agitated under certain conditions and when we sleep for 8 hours in such a field we get harmful effects.

These blockages / imbalances can be harmonised and stagnant energy released. This stage of symptom management is the basis for establishing and securing a future healthy balance. In the long term - the absence of symptoms will show that healthy harmony is restored.

This work is taken in two stages, firstly - remote Map Divining and Psychic Evaluation and secondly - One Day Site Visit generating harmony and empowerment of 'homeowner' in managing the harmony.

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