For many on the Celtic Pagan Path there is often a need to honour the Passing Over of a loved one with a Pagan Blessing. For some it is their wish to have a small private gathering for a Pagan Ceremony to honour friends and a life well lived before the actual passing over occurs. In some cases there is a wish for an Eco-Burial or a Scattering of Ashes to the Wind and an accompanying Ritual Ceremony to add a formal dignity to the event.

This Ceremony may be held in an outdoor setting but we always suggest getting the �insurance� of an indoor backup venue in case of inclement weather. Any venue needs to be quiet and preferably close to Nature to allow the sanctity of the ceremony to make full impact on our consciousness. The full ceremony may available in an online written format for editing as this allows full customisation of the ceremony to suit the needs of the individual.

Celtic Druid's Blessings
The Ard Dru� facilitator will perform the Celtic Druid's Cross of Light and give the Blessing to the Three Realms which connect us to the Sky, Sea and Land. This is explained and demonstrated by the Ard Dru� and the whole group can perform it, if so wished. It is a series of movements coordinated with the breath and some Irish words. It's focus is to harmonise and enrgise the aura of the person/group performing it and sends a blessing to the three realms of Sky, Sea and Land. This is how we start all of our ceremonies.

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