NATAL CHART (Incarnational Potential)
At the time of birth the planets make geometric relationships to each other creating what is understood as a map of potential for the incarnating soul. Be aware that we choose the exact moment and the circumstance for our birth no matter how strange that might seem. In this we create opportunities that are sometimes difficult to see because of our situation but they are there none the less. The process of discovering these potentials is by using the birth chart as a mirror. Potentials and blockages are soon identified by you judging yourself with assistance from me (the astrologer) and by you looking into a glass mirror.

Your gifts perfected in a previous life may just be waiting for you to activate them. The method is that your natal chart potential is read out loud to you and you are asked to say whether it is happening or not happening. Each time you are faced with something you do not relish or do not want to agree with you are asked to look into the mirror. Here it must be understood that you are telling the truth or lying only to yourself and not to me. At the end of the reading the identified blockages in your potential are shown again to you and this is to be seen as the key to empowerment, because in these blockages is potential; great power is hidden - your power to wake up fully!

When the potential is known and the blockages to this potential are identified you can then be advised on how to turn them around. Then you apply this knowledge and begin to realise your potential. You are asked not to speak about this to anyone but to practice turning the blocks into successes. The aim is to cause you to shift your awareness so that you begin to work with the energies as opposed to suffering confusion. The energies will be there either way - you can work with them or just suffer.

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