There are major periods in life such as age 14, 21, 30, 40 and 50 which are like seasons when huge bursts of energy and light are available to you if your blockages are dissolving or dissolved and you are ready and conscious of the approaching energy. When we look at the time cycles or ages as shown above we can recognise the outer worlds way of acknowledging these key periods. At 14 you become a rebel, not yet adult but not a child any longer, at 21 you get the front door key signifying adult responsibility, at 30 your life path is supposedly set and you begin to mature, at 40 you are supposed to know yourself and begin planning for your older years, at 50 you are kind of mature and ready to be recognised for your breath of experience. These seasons are really shifts in your subconscious as you grow into your truth.

But guess what, it does not always happen like this because we all have completely different potentials and as we grow in years we are energised by these seasonal transits and new opportunities are added to our potential. If we know that these opportunities or waves of energy are coming then we can prepare a purpose built surfboard of attitude to flow and enjoy the energy. If we do not know that the energies are coming then they are still coming and the wave will wash over us and disrupt our reality. Ask anyone if their life changed dramatically when they passed any of the major life periods as shown above, they will probably say something like "if only I knew then what I know now" or something similar. In between the major key periods are the rest times when we can gather up our hope and desires for the future and it is at these times that it is really a very big advantage to know what lies ahead.

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