Hand Fasting, Baby Naming, Passing Over are the main Blessings offered. The Celtic Druids Blessing is a formal way to acknowledge the important stages in life�s passage. The Blessings Ceremonies that may be offered can also include - Rites of Passage - Puberty, Adulthood, Pregnancy, New Work, New Home and New Path. All Blessing Ceremonies offered by Druidschool will be partly in Irish and partly in English. On most Blessings we are dressed in traditional Gaelic costume of the medieval period.

The Celtic Druid's Blessing
The Ard Dru� facilitator will perform the Celtic Druid's Cross of Light and give the Blessing to the Three Realms which connect us to the Sky, Sea and Land. This is explained and demonstrated by the Ard Dru� and the whole group can perform it, if so wished. It is a series of movements coordinated with the breath and some Irish words. It's focus is to harmonise and enrgise the aura of the person/group performing it and sends a blessing to the three realms of Sky, Sea and Land. This is how we start all of our ceremonies.
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