There are times in everyone's life when we are at a virtual crossroads, often stuck in indecision with so many ties to our past that we cannot see a way forward. This is when understanding your Incarnational Potential and your Seasonal Transits and your Compatibility (Love Charts) can give you a map to choose your direction with confidence and awareness of the flow... See the patterns of your life�s plan and recognise your challenges and magical gifts as you acknowledge your conscious choice. Work with the energies of the Uni-verse and you will transform your reality. This Life Path Guidance can free you from restraints imposed by others and get you back to life's adventure. When you change yourself - you change the world you live in too.

To help you with your empowerment a combination of your Natal and Transit and or Love charts are studied and your way forward to greater adventure is mapped out for you. You will have to 'do' the pathworking, but with our guidance it will be your Path that you walk.

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