LOVE CHARTS (Compatibility Readings)
The practice here is to show where partners in a loving relationship need to make allowances for the hidden or subconscious nature of the other partner. This is the area that can sometimes be denied for years and years and then suddenly (or seasonally) there is huge change forced upon the friendship. Put simply we do not always want our weaknesses to be seen so we deny them, but they will eventually burst out and cause real problems as they demand to be reconciled.

If on the other hand, we are aware of the challenge that each partner in a loving relationship has with the other partner then we can make allowances and assist in the process of working it out together. This is the option to the fighting about nothing that sometimes happens, this is because a sore spot is rubbed and the partner with the sore spot does not want to admit to weakness and the one doing the rubbing does not know about the weakness.

An example may help here. Imagine an Aquarium man and a Virgo woman who look great together and everyone says they make a great couple. Suddenly they break up after many years together. The Virgo woman says to her many confidants: "he is impossible, I just could not take it anymore" and admits that even though she broke the relationship up, she still loves him. He just wont do things they way that she knows is best. At the same time the male Aquarian tells his only close friend whom he has not seen for over a year "if only she did not try to control me so much". She wants the details to be perfect; he wants the freedom to only see the big picture so the energy vibration or chemical attraction that got them together is not strong enough to compensate for their inherent astrological differences. If however, they were aware that they could look at the same thing and agree to see it differently, then they could have a chance to work it out together. We all have soft or sore spots and recognising your partners openness to being hurt by accidentally rubbing their spot / pressing their button allows you to find a better way to share your feelings without causing pain from friction. This Love or Compatibility Chart reading is recommended before a Handfasting.

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